Gimkit can be used to inspire and excite learning. Gimkit, which is similar to kahoot! allows students and educators to create multiple-choice questions for any topic. It also allows them to import Quizlet sets so they can easily create a “Kit.” Another motivating feature is the ability to “money” and earn more points (by getting correct answers), or to purchase power-ups such as more points per question, more streak points (getting more than two consecutive correct answers), or insurance if the question is incorrectly answered. At the end of each game, teachers receive a report that displays the class’s responses and the individual students’. This data is a useful tool for formative assessment. It provides students with quick feedback and helps them identify areas that need to taught or re-taught.

Login to Gimkit

Gimkit makes teaching simple by allowing teachers to create lessons and invite students to join. Gimkit allows students to join your class. Gimkit has many perks. You can accept names in live games and track your assignment progress. Additionally, you can provide multiple outcomes for completions. These steps will allow you to create a class in Gimkit.

  1. Log in to your dashboard. Navigate to “Classes” on the left. Select “New Class”.
  2. Enter the name and email address for the class.
  3. Choose the most appropriate hue to represent your school.
  4. Choose the “Create a class” option. Voila! Your classroom is now ready to be used. The students will be able to access the class link. Next, allow them to sign up using their personal email addresses.

Easy to use

  • Gimkit is very easy to use, especially if it’s familiar with the Kahoot online tool. Gimkit’s intuitive interface is visually appealing with clearly defined steps that make it easy to create a Kit.
  • Gimkit offers a helpdesk as well as an email for any questions. You can provide feedback on the tool, and even suggest new features.
  • Gimkit allows entire class collaboration through a tool called a KitCollab, or collaborative Gimkit. Students collaborate to create a Kit (quiz). Students submit questions. You, as an educator, have the ability to accept or reject them.

What are the most useful Gimkit features?

Gimkit has a KitCollab mode which allows students to collaborate with their teacher to build the quiz before the game starts. This is especially useful when students are divided into groups. Everyone wins by the challenge of creating difficult but useful questions.

Kits are the name of the quiz games. They can be made from scratch or imported from Questionlet (opens in new tab), saved as a CSV file or taken from the platform’s gallery, where you can make modifications.

Students will be engaged by in-game credits. This virtual currency is awarded for each correct answer. False answers will cost you. These credits can be used for score-boosting powerups or other upgrades.

There are millions of combinations that allow students to find their strengths and create their individual profiles. You can use power-ups to have a second chance, or to earn more per correct answer.

There are more than ten games available, with many more in development to enhance the immersion of the quizzes. These include Humans vs. Zombies and The Floor is Lava. Trust No One is a detective-style game.

The live games are great for class but the best thing about homework is the ability to give student-paced work. Although a deadline can be set, it is up to the student when it is completed. These are called Assignments. They are automatically graded.

Teachers can access their dashboard to see student earnings and progress. This can help them decide what next steps to take. The dashboard also allows teachers to see how students performed at games, independent of their academic ability. This is ideal for students who know the answers, but struggle with the gaming aspect.


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