Many have accused Percy Hynes White of sexual assault. Many people on Twitter also posted lengthy threads explaining Percy Hynes White’s alleged predatory behavior toward young women. Additionally, he was accused of rape and using an offensive TikTok slur against black people. Percy Hynes White Twitter account after the accusations spread.

Recent allegations against the 21-year old actor of sexual assault against women at his high school have been made. They posted their accusations on social media.

MSN reports that @milkievich, a Twitter user, started it all. According to reports, Percy Hynes White, Wednesday’s star, would invite women he thought were hot “explicitly” in order to get them. Many others followed her example and claimed that the actor continued his behavior when he was 17 and older. He was also accused of using abusive words and racial insults, as well as assault. He also allegedly shared n*de images online without consent. Women who have had similar experiences want the actor removed from the hit series.

A short clip of Percy Hynes White, Wednesday’s actor, using racial slurs was uploaded. White has disabled the comments section of his social media accounts and has not made an official statement about the allegations against him. This has not been confirmed by Netflix, the streaming service that is so popular, or any of its employees.

White has yet to respond to the allegations, but the Wednesday star has restricted comment access on his official Instagram account. Ortega is the only cast member to have not responded to Ortega’s claims. It isn’t stopping Addams fan from asking for Percy Hynes White to be removed from the Tim Burton series.

Netizens make new accusations against Percy Hynes White

Internet users were disturbed by White’s actions. Many were shocked to discover that White was an actor who signed a contract for Netflix. Many netizens rallied around to demand that White be prosecuted. These are some reactions to the most recent allegations:

Instead of saying “cancel”, percyy-hynes white, you can say “ARREST percyhynes.” He is not an influencer but a criminal.

Every piece of evidence against Percy Hynes White has been another shock.

Percy Hynes White controversy: me going on Twitter

Everyone was stunned to see the tweets about Percy Hynes White. White was exposed for using racist slurs, raping multiple women, forcing them send nudes to minors and using intimidation.

At the time of writing this article, the actor had removed the comment section from his Instagram account. His Twitter account was also deleted. The hashtag “cancel Percy”, which is still very popular online, was also deactivated.


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