Google Pixel Watch 2 was unveiled to the tech community with great anticipation. This is Google’s second foray into smartwatches. The Pixel Watch 2 will maintain the aesthetics and technology of its predecessor while maintaining the same signature design. Google’s impeccable timing is a testament to its continued dominance in the wearable industry. What makes this newcomer special?

What’s new with the Pixel Watch 2?

The second Pixel Watch is a perfect example of evolution, not revolution. Its doppelganger like resemblance with the original Pixel Watch could confuse some on the outside. It’s what’s on the inside that matters. Google’s new device is equipped with extra sensors, the latest Qualcomm processor prowess and revamped fitness and safety attributes. It also boasts a battery with a long-lasting life and an improved durability rating.

When can you get your hands on it?

On October 4, the Pixel Watch 2 was unveiled at the highly anticipated Made by Google event. Google didn’t only reveal the Pixel 8 Series, but also the Pixel Watch 2. Pre-orders for this tech are now available. The Pixel Watch 2 is set to hit Google Store shelves on October 12.

What will it cost you?

Google has consistently adopted an even pricing structure across their products despite technological developments, with their Pixel Watch 2 priced at $349 if used only with Wi-Fi connectivity; adding LTE connectivity will cost an extra $99.

Where can you buy the Pixel Watch 2?

Google is being cautious and launching the Pixel Watch 2 only in nine countries, where the predecessor was first successful. The nine countries are the United States of America, Australia, Canada France, Germany Ireland (limited to WiFI only variant), Japan Taiwan and the United Kingdom. Google has promised to bring the Pixel Watch 2 soon to other regions.

What about its look and feel?

The Pixel Watch 2 is aesthetically pleasing, with a 41mm dial that resembles its predecessor and a 12.3mm thickness. Its reduced weight of 30g is notable. The 100% recycled aluminum housing is responsible for this weight loss. The original Pixel Watch’s distinctive domed glass cover is back, but in a slimmer version. Its durability is still a subject of discussion, particularly given the vulnerability of the original screen of the Pixel Watch. Only time and thorough reviews will be able to determine its resilience.

Does it really resist water?

The IP68 rating for water and dust resistance is a significant upgrade, and one that’s highly appreciated. This feature was conspicuously absent from the original Pixel Watch. It ensures your Pixel Watch 2 is able to withstand the elements. The Pixel Watch 2 will be by your side, whether you’re in the rain or swimming.

Google has taken great care in designing its Pixel Watch 2 to be technologically superior than its predecessor, while staying true to its roots with respect to design. Only time will tell whether this device lives up to all of its promises; nonetheless it has drawn the interest of tech enthusiasts everywhere.


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