Snapchat offers many unique features. One such thing is its secret code language.

Snapchat users use different codes and symbols to spell out different words.

This is a difficult concept to grasp even for Snapchat veterans.

One example of such code is “X”.

Are you unable to comprehend the meaning of a Snapchat X?

Don’t worry, we got you.

This article will explain the meanings and functions of Snapchat’s ‘X’ symbol.

What does “Grey X next to Snapchat Name” mean?

Grey X next your Snapchat name signifies that the person has blocked or removed you from their Snapchat.

X can have many meanings in Snapchat.

There are some basic options when you open Snapchat. There are four tabs: a camera tab; a chat tab; an explore tab; and a map tab. Snap-based conversations can be initiated right from Snapchat’s home screen. Swiping to your chats tab will take you to the main event. This tab is where you can access all of your chats with your friends and anyone else with whom you have ever been in touch on the app.

You can see who is who in the snap names and photos. There is also a camera icon beside each name. To initiate a snap with someone, tap on that icon. If the camera icon is not there, what should you do?

You might be confused if you see a grey-colored icon next to the Snapchat name in a conversation you have with a friend. It is possible to get confused if you see a grey-colored X next the Snapchat name of a conversation with your friend.

An X can be placed next to a Snapchat username to denote many things, depending on context and other factors.

The X next Snapchat name in conversations indicates that you are having conversations with someone who is not on your friend list. You will see a grey-colored circle next to the Snapchat name. You could have sent a friend request but they declined to accept it. You can still chat with the person but you won’t be able to access certain features.

How do I remove Snapchat’s X Icon.

These are the steps to take to remove Snapchat’s X icon.

1. First, ensure they’re on your friend list. Add them if they aren’t.

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2. You can check to see if any of your Snapchat friends have added or removed you. If they haven’t, you can ask them to add your name.

3. After you have completed all steps, the grey X icon will be removed. Snapchat may need to be relaunched. It will differ from one system to the next.

Snapchat users must add each other to Snapchat friends to remove the X icon beside their Snapchat conversation. This is the best way to create a strong foundation for two Snapchat users.

Snapchat Conversations might reveal more than we think. Many people are surprised by Snapchat’s X icon. It’s a sign that you can lose a friend. This is a sign that you should talk to your friend before panicking over the random act.


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