Picasso, an open-source image download library for Android, is one of the most popular. It was created by Square. It is a powerful Android image downloader and cache library. Picasso makes it easy to load images from external URLs. It then displays them in your application. Downloading an image from the server, for example, is one of the most frequent tasks in any application. It takes a lot more code to do this via the android networking API. This can be achieved with just a few lines code using Picasso

How to Use Picasso Android Library

Step 1 – Create an empty activity project

Make an empty activity Android Studio Project. How to Create/Start a New Project in Android Studio? to know how to create an empty activity Android Studio project. Select Java for the programming language.

Step 2 – Adding the required dependencies to the app-level gradle.

To use Picasso in an android project, you will need to add a dependency in your app-level.gradle file. To add dependency, open the app/build.gradle folder in your Android project. Add the following lines to it. These lines should be added to dependencies.

Click on the button to “Sync Now”. Now Android Studio will download the necessary dependency files. You can check stackoverflow if you receive any error.

Step 3 – Working with the Manifest file

Add InternetPermission to the AndroidManifest.xml. Add the following line to the manifest.xml file.

Step 4 – Working with the activity_main.xml file

Open the activity_main.xml layout file. Add an ImageView in the main layout of the application.

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