It’s not easy enough to find video chats and team chats, but it can be difficult to search Google for all the options. Are Google Hangouts still available? What is the difference between Google Hangouts & Google Chat? What is Google Meet? How is it different to Google Duo?Get automation to power up Google apps

This is a common question, and it can be confusing. Here is a brief overview of Google’s chat and video services. To see a more detailed overview of each service, click on the name.

  • Google Hangouts has been Google’s most popular messaging and video chat services. This service will no longer be available to consumers, meaning anyone who has an or email address. Hangouts are available in the Gmail sidebar as well as at
  • Google Meet was previously known as Google Hangouts Meet. It is part of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). Meet also comes in a-free version. Meet works in a similar way to Hangouts, but allows for far more participants.
  • Google Chat is Google’s paid chat service for teams. It was previously known as Google Hangouts Chat. You can access Chat if you already have a paid Google Workspace account. The app offers direct messaging just like consumer Hangouts but also threaded channels that are similar to Slack. Chat is available at
  • Google Duo is Google’s answer to FaceTime. It offers one-on-one video chats via mobile and computer. Duo is available at
  • Messages are the default SMS app in Android. You might be able enable chat features depending on your mobile carrier to enable advanced features similar to iMessage for Apple devices.

How to install Google Meet App on Windows and Mac using Bluestacks

The website allows you to download the app for Windows or Mac. The official website makes it easy to download the Google Meet app for Windows and Mac. You can also download the Google Meet Android App on Windows or Mac. If this is the case, an Android emulator may be necessary.

Step 1: Download the Bluestacks Android Emulator to your Mac or Windows PC.

Step 2 Once Bluestacks has been installed, open the YouTube store

Step 3 Input Google Meet’ in the Google Play Store search box.

Step 4:Click on the App, then Download It.

Step 5 Now you can use Google Meet on both your Macs and Windows computers.While other emulators can be used, Bluestacks is more reliable and efficient than others. You can also use Nox emulator.


With the Google Meeting PC or its alternatives, you can enjoy video conferencing at top quality.


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