You may have seen a few Meta Quests at all the video game shops if you’ve had trouble finding an Xbox Series X and PlayStation5. Although the device appears sleek, you might not be sure where it fits in the Google Cardboard to Ready Player One spectrum. Virtual Reality has been slowly developing over the past few decades. VR is now affordable and accessible.

VR has been a passion of mine for quite some time. My journey began as a child in arcades watching my siblings play VR experimental games. In middle school, I bought a Nintendo Virtual Boy secondhand. I didn’t know that the console was supposed to be hated, so I spent many months playing Mario Tennis. In 2010, as a college student, I was able to create games in the VR lab “The Hive” at Miami University of Ohio. This VR gym has tracking points and is a virtual gymnasium. From 2013 to 2016, 360 videos were made for various brands using a variety of custom rigs. I also tested those spaces and videos with the HTC Vive and cell phones. All of these experiences were wonderful, but it was interesting to watch the technology change over time.

Finer Controls

You get two different motion controllers with the Quest 2 than the Oculus touch controllers (now Meta Quest 2 controllers), that came with the Quest, and the now-discontinued Ript S. The handles are still curved and have prominent rings at the top to enable tracking via headset’s cameras. The triggers fit under your index finger and middle fingers. The handle’s circular control surface is now larger and provides a place to rest your thumb if you aren’t using the analog stick or the two face buttons.

The controllers now feel thicker and more secure in your hand. The battery door is less likely to slide off during intense gaming sessions. Although it is not a major redesign, the controllers are now more comfortable.

The Best Gets Better

With its 6DOF controller tracking, powerful performance and standalone functionality, the original Meta Quest VR headset was an instant hit. The Quest 2 is a significant upgrade. The Quest 2 is lighter, has a sharper screen, and offers a faster processor at a lower price than the original. It’s the most comprehensive VR package available at $400. You can add accessories to enable PC tethering, and it will run for longer periods of time. This makes it the most affordable VR headset and is our Editors’ Choice winner, even though it was launched only a few years ago.

Now it was time to start playing the games. We were delighted to find that Meta Quest 2 ran smoothly and flawlessly. Beat Saber is a fun game that feels like a workout once you get to the harder levels. Resident Evil 4 is a fun game, but VR will require you to select slower moving settings if you’re prone to motion sickness.

Many of the games have ties to entertainment franchises such as Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge and Jurassic World Aftermath. Vader Immortal, another Star Wars VR game, is also available. This is our favorite VR game.

The Meta Quest 2 is capable of running a variety of games including those we have already listed. The Quest is a great headset for starting your VR journey. This headset is also more affordable. The headset is significantly cheaper than purchasing a PC with a headset.


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