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This Cookie Notice (“Notice”) explains how NBCUniversal (NBCUniversal) and its affiliates use cookies and similar tracking technology when users use our websites, apps and games, voice activated assistants, voice active TVs, voice activated televisions and other services that are related to this policy. This notice also covers connected devices, such as those that are used in our theme parks (“Services”). You can find more information about these technologies here. It forms part of the NBCUniversal privacy policies. This Privacy Policy and this Notice provide a comprehensive overview of how NBCUniversal handles your data.


Cookies are text files that are saved on your computer or device. Other tracking technologies are also used, including Flash local storage/flash cookie and HTTP cookies.

First-party Cookies

Third-party service providers may place first-party cookie. These cookies allow you to use services and their features and aid with analytics.

Third-party Cookies

Cookies may be placed by third parties to identify your device and allow you to access the Services or other websites. These third parties may collect and use this information in accordance to their privacy policies. Cookies from third parties enable advertising and certain functions to be made available on the Services.

Types of Cookies

The Services use these cookies in the following ways

Essential cookies: These are necessary for service functionality. These cookies are essential for service functionality, including system administration, security, fraud prevention and the ability to buy. Some sites may not function properly despite the fact that you can block cookies in your browser.

Information Storage and Access: These cookies enable us and our partners to access and store information about your device, including device identifications.

Analytics and Measuring: These cookies collect information regarding your use of the Services and how you perform. These cookies also conduct market research to help create audiences and measure effectiveness of advertising and content delivery. We and third-party vendors use these cookies to perform analytics. This allows us to improve content, user experience, and create new products, services, as well statistical purposes. These cookies are used to identify you across devices, platforms, and provide additional insight for the purposes mentioned above.

Personalization Cookies: These cookies enable us to provide certain services such as determining if your browser has been set up for the first time, capping messages frequency and remembering your choices (e.g. These cookies allow us to provide certain services, such as determining if your browser is set up for first-time visitors, capping messages frequency, remembering your choices (e.g. language preferences and time zone), and log you in after registration across platforms and devices. These cookies enable your device to receive and transmit information, so you can interact with ads or other content.

Delivery Cookies and Content Selection Cookies: This category allows you to select and deliver custom content, such as videos or news articles.

Delivery Cookies and Ad Selection Cookies These cookies record information about your browsing habits, how you use Services, and which advertisements you interact with across devices or platforms. These data are used to provide interest-based advertising content via third-party websites and the Services. Third-party websites and services can also use interest-based advertising cookies to deliver relevant content. These cookies can be blocked and contextual advertising may appear that is not as relevant to your interests.

Social Media Cookies: These cookies allow social media platforms to share content with their networks and friends. Social media platforms can track your online activity. This can impact your content and messages on other services.

We may also associate third parties with Measurement and Analytics cookies, Personalization cookies and Content Selection Cookies, Delivery Cookie and Reporting, Ad Selection, Delivery and Reporting Cookies, Social Media Cookies, and any other information you provide.


You might be able to change your Cookie preferences depending on where you are located. Click the “Cookie Settings” link in the footer. You can also use these methods to manage cookies. These steps should be followed for every browser and device. If you upgrade, replace, or change your browser, these opt-out tools might be necessary again. Follow the below instructions to modify your browser’s Cookie settings. Some Cookie-management tools depend on cookies.

Browser Controls: You can disable or manage certain cookies through your browser settings. If you use multiple browsers on your device, you will need to manage their settings. Click the links below to find out more.

If your browser isn’t listed, you can refer to the help menu for information on managing cookies. It is important to know that disabling cookies will not disable any analytics tools we may use to collect information about you using our services.

Opt outs for Analytics Providers: You have two options. Either you can disable analytics cookies with the browser controls or use their respective opt out mechanisms for specific providers.

These are only a few examples. This is not a complete list. We are not responsible for the ineffectiveness or effectiveness of opt-out services provided by third parties.

Flash Store: Advertisers and us may use these cookies to store preferences or display content. Flash cookies must be removed from Flash Player Settings Manager’s storage area.

Interest Based Advertising: Many marketers offer the option to opt-out from interest-based advertising. For more information or to opt-out of interest-based advertisements from third-party marketers, please visit this website. It will vary depending on where you live.

You can also opt out of certain advertising companies by visiting their opt-out pages.

These are only a few examples of companies advertising, and they don’t represent all. These providers may use opt-out mechanisms that we are not responsible for.

You may still get advertisements even if you have opted out, but they might not be as relevant to you.

Mobile Settings You can control information that will be used for interest-based advertising purposes. This includes managing location data. You can choose to opt out of mobile advertising tracking from Nielsen or any third party by using the “Limit Ad Tracking” option for iOS devices and the “Opt Out Of Ads Personalization” option for Android.

Connected devices To disable automatic content recognition and advertising tracking, you should check the settings of connected devices like smart TVs or streaming devices. To opt out, you will need to select options to “limit or disable ad tracking” or options such as “interactive TV”, “interest-based advertisements” and “smart interaction”. These settings will vary depending on your device.

Cross-Device Tracking: Follow the steps to opt out of our browser-based cross-device tracking in order to promote your products. Opting out of each device and browser separately is required. Cross-device matching can be discussed at the Network Advertising Initiative or the Digital Advertising Alliance. Cross-device tracking might be stopped for advertising purposes. Cross-device monitoring can be used for analytics.

The consequences of disabling cookies: Certain services may not function properly if you disable them or remove them. Your data may be stored and used to conduct research, provide online service analytics, manage internal operations, or remember your opt-out preferences.


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