In our time of rapid progress, just beautifully designed text and pictures on a website will not surprise anyone. Besides, the requirements for websites have changed a lot – nowadays for successful representation of a company on the Internet (that is what websites are created for, isn’t it?) it is necessary to provide its visitors with various opportunities: feedback, subscriptions, newsletters, site search, and many other things. Web development plays an incredibly important role today. But does everyone understand the meaning of web development and why it is needed? Let’s find out.

Web development: what is it?

In simple words, the definition of web development is the creation of websites and applications that function on the Internet. All the sites you deal with every day are created thanks to web programming technologies. However, the main difference between them lies in the set of functions and features that a particular site offers to the target audience. Today business pages with just beautiful text and bright pictures will not attract the client’s attention as much as sites based on interactive components will. That is such components that help to establish a connection with a potential user and maintain proper interaction with him. This is where web development companies, like Lounge Lizard Agency, come to the rescue, whose task is to design a lively and multifunctional website and equip it with effective interactive tools for feedback, subscriptions, newsletters, and much more.

Why is web development important?

The purpose of creating each website is to interest the user in the provided topic. It is very important that the site pages provide not only meaningful text, but also surprise with their dynamism, adaptive design, interactivity, and ease of use. High-quality web development allows you to expand the boundaries of the site, and makes it possible to enrich and diversify the site, adding to its structure the above-mentioned actions, namely voting, forums, commercials, games, chats, and much more. Thus, web programming technologies help to interact with users and build trust with them. After all, it has been proven that customer confidence in the product increases significantly if the site has high-quality photos of products, there are comments from other users, you can quickly contact a consultant (thanks to the proposed chat) or write directly to the company’s mail. Creation of these and other elements on the site is impossible without the use of web programming technologies. Therefore if you want to develop not just a website but an attractive multifunctional resource with wide possibilities you cannot do without effective web development.

What is meant by web design?

Modern web design is one that emphasizes aesthetic quality and usability by using modern design elements and principles. Imagine what an outdated website from the early 2000s looks like with grainy stock images and Comic Sans font. Modern websites are the opposite.

Whether you’re starting a business, rebranding, or just planning to update your site, optimizing your site with the elegant, trendy, and professional features of modern website design will help you reap these benefits:

  • Appeal to a wider range of audiences
  • Increase trust and confidence in your business
  • Keep users on your site longer
  • Lead to higher conversion rates
  • Improve the user experience

Web developers and web designers do not always work on projects together. It all depends on the size of the site and the specific needs of the client. Most often they work closely together if you need to create a unique complex project. For example, a site with a lot of animation and user interactions, or an online store with original UX design and omnichannel integration. Projects of such complexity involve collaboration between a UIX designer and a web designer. They deal with the visual part of the Internet portal, after which the UX designer and web developer are involved in the work. Using the most appropriate programming languages and technologies, these two professionals create a website. Most often they resort to a combination of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other more specific languages such as Python and Ruby on Rails.

Bottom line

To summarize what does web development means, we can say that it is the development of a complex web application as well as the development of simple and single-page applications. Web development is mainly done as a client-side script, server-side script, and database script.

Doing business in the Internet space is a new reality to which you need to adapt if you want to increase the profitability of the enterprise. A web application is not a usual website, but full-fledged software with various interactive elements that can be used for any field of activity.


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