Xana Enrique’s death is a tragic loss after her long and courageous fight against osteosarcoma. The footballers of the world sent condolences to Xana Enrique and expressed their solidarity.

Who Was Xana?

Luis Enrique is a well-known figure in football, both as a player and manager. Luis Enrique was a great father, despite his successes on the field. Xana enjoyed being with him each day. Anyone close to the family could see that Luis Enrique was a great friend to Xana. Their shared memories, holidays and father-daughter moments were heartwarming. They showed a bond deeper than family ties.

What is Osteosarcoma ?

Osteosarcoma, the most common form of bone cancer is more prevalent in teenagers and young adults. This aggressive cancer attacks the cells responsible for growing new bones and is usually diagnosed when teenagers are experiencing growth spurts. It is not known what causes osteosarcoma, but the disease requires intensive treatment that includes chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Why did Luis Enrique quit the Spanish national team

Luis Enrique took the difficult decision to step down from his position as Spain’s head coach in June 2017. Numerous speculations ensued as to the reasons for his decision, yet it became evident that it was made with more time spent with wife and daughter Xana than career at its height in mind. His actions demonstrated the depth of his love.

What has been the response of the football community?

The global football community has been profoundly shaken by Xana’s death. Josep Maria Bartomeu expressed his condolences on behalf of the Barcelona family. The news of Xana’s death resonated deeply because Luis Enrique made significant contributions to the club as a player and coach. Many other football clubs, managers, players and fans have expressed their sorrow through social media.

What message did Luis Enrique send to the world?

Luis Enrique, in a heartfelt statement, expressed his gratitude for everyone who supported Xana during her fight against cancer. Luis Enrique thanked in particular the Sant Joan de Deu hospital and Sant Pau Hospital for their tireless efforts. He said, “We’ll miss you a great deal, but we’ll remember you every single day with the hope of one day meeting again in the future.” Xana will be “the star” that guides Luis Enrique, his family and friends.

It’s important to remember, in these difficult times, the strength and unity shown by the international community. The story of Xana Enrique and Luis Enrique is a powerful reminder about the fleeting nature of life, and the spirit of those who are willing to fight against all odds.


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