Tory Lanez (also known as Daystar) was transferred recently to North Kern State Prison, Delano, California. He will continue serving his 10-year prison sentence. The move follows his conviction in 2020 for shooting American rapper Megan Thee Stallion during an altercation.

The New Mugshot: Its Implications
Lanez released his new mugshot only five days after Judge David Herriford refused his bail request. Lanez asked the court to let him live with his family while his legal team filed an appeal. Judge Herriford denied this, citing Lanez’s violent felony conviction and history of violating court orders as well as his foreign citizenship.

North Kern State Prison: The Perils of North Kern State Prison
Lanez is now at North Kern State Prison. This institution has been in the news this year for multiple violent crimes and murders that have occurred within its walls. North Kern State Prison, which is reported to hold around 4,000 prisoners, recently had serial killer Ramon Escober accused of murdering cellmate Juan Villanueva. Ricardo Saldivar mysteriously died within his cell, prompting California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) to investigate as a possible homicide. Plus, their electric fence failed numerous escape attempts throughout its tenure, leading more questions about its security measures.

Tory Lanez: The Complex Case
Lanez was found guilty of crime after engaging in an intense and public relationship with Megan Thee Stallion, appearing together on TikTok, Instagram Live and TikTok sessions before an unfortunate incident at Kylie Jenner’s Hollywood Hills house where the pair became embroiled in an argument over Lanez’s rap abilities which resulted in them shooting each other resulting in three charges against Lanez for assault with semiautomatic weapon, carrying unauthorised firearm and discharging firearm at Kylie. Lanez was eventually found guilty on three charges against her: assault with semiautomatic weapon charge as well as possession and discharging firearm.

What does this mean for Tory Lanez?
Lanez’s music career has been ruined by this legal mess. Questions abound about his ability to maintain his music career while serving a 10 year sentence. This case highlights the issue of violence against females in the entertainment industry. Discussions are triggered that go beyond the two rappers.

Tory Lanez’s transfer to North Kern State Prison marks a sad milestone in an ongoing case that has captured the public’s interest for many years. Lanez may have asked the court for leniency, but his conviction and denial of bail show the serious consequences of his actions. The impact of his 10-year sentence on his career and public reputation is still unknown.


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