According to The Ultimate Pet Rich List, Taylor Swift’s Scottish Fold, Olivia Benson has a net worth of 97 million dollars, making her one of the world’s richest pets. What makes Olivia Benson so rich? Social media isn’t the only factor in Olivia’s rise to wealth, though it does play a part. The many outside projects that she is involved in. Olivia and Taylor have appeared in commercials for brands such as DirectTV, AT&T and Diet Coke. Olivia has also appeared in music videos such as “Me!” or “Black Space”. Her fame and wealth go beyond Instagram influence.

Which Pets Are the World’s Wealthiest?

Olivia Benson, while undeniably wealthy, is not the richest pet in the world. Gunther VI is the German Shepherd with a net worth of $500,000,000, which surpasses Olivia Benson’s. Nala is a $100 million Instagram cat. Olivia is ranked third in this list of rich pets. She has a greater financial status than other famous animals, such as Oprah’s dogs or Karl Lagerfield’s late cat Choupette.

Why are Taylor Swift’s cats named Olivia Benson? Meredith Grey and Benjamin Button.

Taylor Swift’s love of pop culture can be seen in the names that she has chosen for her cats. Each name was inspired by a favorite TV or movie character. Meredith is her first cat friend and is named for the character Meredith Grey, from the hit television show “Grey’s Anatomy”. Olivia is named after the fierce detective Olivia Benson, from “Law & Order: SVU”. Benjamin Button is the youngest, inspired by Brad Pitt’s Benjamin Button character in “The Curious case of Benjamin Button.”

Where does Taylor Swift travel with her cats?

Taylor is a doting pet mother and she doesn’t let her feline pals down. Taylor always makes sure Meredith Olivia and Benjamin are with her, whether she is touring cities or traveling across countries. Taylor is often spotted with cats. This reinforces her image as an ardent cat lady, and shows fans that pets are a big part of her life.

What kind of merchandise is available for Taylor Swift’s Cats?

Taylor’s love for her cats has even reached the world of business. The “Red” singer released merchandise in 2018 celebrating her feline clan. Taylor’s cat obsession was evident in the merchandise, which included t-shirts that featured the personalities of the cats and Taylor’s customized cat earrings. Although the official merchandise was discontinued, fans’ creations are still available. Taylor even trademarked the names of her cats for various merchandise.

What’s next for Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift has not slowed down after the success of her 10th Album “Midnights”, which dominated the Billboard Hot 100 in October 2022. Taylor Swift’s fans are eagerly awaiting the re-recorded album of “Speak Now” from 2010. But music isn’t the only thing Taylor has conquered. Taylor Swift is about to make an exciting directorial debut. Swift’s own screenplay for a movie is in the works. It’s evident that she continues to broaden her artistic horizons.

Taylor Swift is a woman to keep an eye on. Her thriving career, her beloved pets, and her constant explorations of new worlds make it a journey worth watching.


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