The news of Dan Kirby, a British racing driver who tragically died in Chelmsford in Essex on September 19, was a sad day for motorsports. Kirby, who was both a team owner and a well-known individual, left behind an incredible legacy that will continue to live on in this article that details his life.

Who was Dan Kirby?

Dan Kirby was a man of passion and drive, both literally and metaphorically. Dan Kirby, born and raised in Chelmsford in Essex, fell in love early with engines. Their sound tamed his senses. The passion he felt for engines was not fleeting, but it was a lifelong one.

How did Kirby’s racing career begin?

Kirby began racing locally and quickly earned the reputation as an intense competitor. Through hard work and focus, he eventually entered into Britain’s Touring Car Championship – an elite motorsport series in Britain. Dan Kirby’s journey didn’t stop there: he continued to show off his skills by racing outside the UK.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit – Trade Price Cars Racing

Dan had a keen business sense before he became a successful racer. Trade Price Cars is an automobile sales company that he founded. Trade Price Cars Racing was born when he realized the synergy of his passion and business. Not only was his decision a business one; he wanted to fulfill an ambition that had eluded him for so long: racing in the British Touring Car Championship while managing a team.

What Makes Kirby’s Team Unique?

Kirby was a unique figure in BTCC, as he was both a driver and a owner of a racing team. Trade Price Cars Racing was a part of the fiercely competitive BTCC season, often with Dan behind the wheel. His dedication to the sport, and to his team was evident in his hard work and dedication to every race weekend.

What was the cause of death for Dan Kirby?

Kirby’s cause of death is not known, which adds to the shock and grief that has engulfed the racing community. He was an active UK TCR racer and a cornerstone of the British motorsports scene.

Reactions from the Racing Community

Social media was flooded with condolences, tributes, and heartfelt messages from friends, colleagues, and other organizations shortly after the tragic news. Neil Trotter shared a touching Facebook post by a fellow racer, Kirby, who he had known for many years. He recalled their first meeting and regretted the missed professional opportunities due to Kirby’s mental health issues.

The Void Left Behind

Dan Kirby’s death has left an irreparable void in our lives, both personally and professionally. In addition to his racing and business achievements, he was an inspiration to many young racers and entrepreneurs. His influence will continue to be felt in British motorsport for years to come.

What is Dan Kirby’s lasting impact?

The indelible impression Dan Kirby made on motorsports, even though he is no longer with us, will not fade. Kirby’s journey from local circuit racing to competing in prestigious championships, and even managing his own team was a testament to what it meant to pursue one’s passion.

A Tribute To A Fallen Hero

Dan Kirby led a life full of passion, commitment, and heartbreaking losses in motorsports. While his death is being mourned by motorsports enthusiasts around the world, we must remember his incredible journey, not because he was invincible, but rather that he dared to dream, act and inspire. Rest easy Dan. Your legacy will not be forgotten soon!


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