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Lin Brehmer, a long-serving WXRT radio host and disc jockey, has died after a lengthy battle with prostate cancer. He was 68 years old.

Terri Hemmert (XRT host) announced Brehmer’s passing Sunday morning, during her “Breakfast With The Beatles” show.

Hemmert stated, “It is with heavy hearts that we must inform You that We All Lost Our Best Friend,” referring to how Brehmer was often introduced to listeners. He passed away peacefully this morning with his wife and son beside him.

Brehmer has been a regular voice on XRT since 1984 when he was appointed music director.

Brehmer was a music director for more than 30 years. He won numerous awards over the course of his career, including “Music Director Of The Year” three times and “Music Director Decade” 1989 by Hard Report, a radio trade magazine.

Brehmer was known for spinning Talking Heads records and R.E.M records. He became the narrator for thousands of Chicagoans’ morning commutes, school drop offs, and everything else in between.

Brehmer worked for WXRT for decades, most of it as morning drive host. In 1984, he was the station’s music director. He returned to Chicago after a brief stint in Minneapolis as an on-air presence.

Brehmer spoke out about his DJing style in a 2012 profile for “Chicago Tonight,” which marked 20 years of being the station’s morning-drive host.

He said, “I grew up in a time radio was so much about music and so little about personality that the music is what draws me in.”

Brehmer’s personality was what created loyal listeners.

Brehmer’s Lin’s Bin segment gave him an opportunity to reflect on questions that ranged from pop culture to philosophical, and all in his signature poetic prose.

One listener asked the question in August 2021: Where is your happy place?

“Where is your happy spot?” Brehmer stated that for you and me, there is a kingdom we can enter at any time. All we need to do is listen because there are songs we claim to be ours. Each song is like a wall that separates the world. One song can be a castle inside a car if it means something to us. My happy place is where? “Wherever the music is.”

WXRT will broadcast a celebration of Brehmer’s life and career at 10 AM Monday.

Brehmer was asked by Chicago Sun-Times, “What makes you still funny at 62?” on his 25th anniversary as a station employee.

Brehmer said: “A lot what people find funny is my tendency towards being self-deprecating. Everyone can have fun with themselves. This is the most secure target. Any other way, you are opening the door to a swarm of venomous, ugly, and swirling worms.

“I have a tendency to do things, real stuff that turn out funny, like showing up at work with a snowboot on my right foot and a shoe on my left foot because I wasn’t really paying attention to getting my foot gear on.

Social media quickly became a hub for reflections on the life and times of die-hard Cubs fans.

In a tweet, Mike Quigley, a Chicago congressman, stated that Chicago has lost its best friend.

Joan Esposito, a radio personality, tweeted that Lin Brehmer was “a miracle to me” and said so in a tweet. It is a great thing. Brilliant writer, music lover, father, and all-around amazing human being.


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