This BOSCH article gives you a complete overview of the website’s Product as well as its credibility. To learn more about, read our complete article

This article will help you decide whether is the right place to buy any item. Bosch SDS-Plus – Drill bits and Core Bits, Bosch SDS Max, Bosch 18v Cordless, Bosch Hole Saw. category and their trust score 42/100. According to scamadviser trust score, we are not certain that this website is legitimate.

This Review will discuss everything you need to know about the site, the products it sells, and more details regarding its authenticity. Read the complete article below.

What’s the BOSCH website?

BOSCH sells Bosch SDS+- Drill bits and Core Bits; Bosch 18v Cordless and Bosch Hole Saw; Bosch SDS Max; Bosch Bosch SDS Max; Bosch Bosch 18v Cordless; Bosch Holesaw; Bosch 12V Max EC Brushless 3/8″ Drill/Driver (Tool only) GSR12V-303N, Bosch12V Max Connected Thermocam, Bosch 12V Max Li-Ion Max Barrelgrip Jig Saw (Tool) PS60B; Bosch 12V Max 2.0Ah Lithiumion Battery 1-607-A35-0C8
This site has a trust score of 42/100. According to scamadviser trust score, we are unsure if this website is legitimate.

Important Specification for Website:

This section contains all information regarding Please take the time to read through all information and decide if you want to purchase anything from this site. We recommend that you do your research on the website and Google before purchasing anything from any new website.

  • Website Name: BOSCH
  • Website link: boschtoolsus com
  • Email: Not available
  • Contact address: 511 E Center St, Nashville, NC 27856
  • Contact number 82170141789
  • Products Category Bosch-SDS-Plus- Drill bit, Core Bits, and Chisel; Bosch Bosch SDS Max; Bosch Bosch 18v Cordless.
  • Type Name of Product: Bosch 12-V Max EC Brushless 3/8″ Drill/Driver (Tool only) GSR12V-303N, Bosch 12-V Max Connected Thermocam, Bosch 12-V Max Li-Ion Max BarrelGrip Jigsaw (Bare Tool), JS120N; Bosch 12V max Pocket Recrocating Saw, Tool Only) PS60B; Bosch 12V MAX 2.0Ah lithium Ion Battery (1-607-A35-0C8
  • Payment options: Accept Visa and Mastercard, PayPal, Discover, MasterCard, and PayPal
  • Delivery Time: We offer FREE SHIPPING OVER $95, but in urgent cases, our policies are on Expedite Shipping Cost $29; processing takes 5 to 6 days and shipping takes more than 1 to 2 days (as stated on the Site).
  • Return Policy After seven days, no exchange, refund, return or return will be accepted, entertained, or made. Please contact us within seven days with a photo or snap to highlight your issue. We will entertain you within 30 days (as stated on the website).
  • Social media links: Not available

These points will help you understand the legitimacy of the website. Let’s now take a look at both the positive and the negative aspects of the website.

The Positive Points about this online store:

  • HTTPS, valid SSL certificate, is available for consumer safety.
  • Customers can choose from a variety of payment options.
  • It provides all of the valid and accessible policies to customers.

BOSCH Reviews have negative highlights

  • This website has a low trust score of 42/100. According to scamadviser trust score, we are unsure if this website is legitimate. This increases the trust concern.
  • Other sites have negative reviews about the portal.
  • It appears that some of the content on this website is copied from another website.
  • The domain name of the Website is brand new. It expires on 2023-08-223. This creates trust issues.

Now you will be able to see both the positive and negative aspects of the website. Let’s now look at the points that show whether or not this site is legitimate. If you have used the site before, please read through the section below and leave comments. This site can be a great resource for people who are unsure. Your feedback is always welcome.

These are some points to show that is not a scam or legit:

  • 1. Website age expires on 2023,08-23
  • 2. Maximum Discount: 50%
  • 3. Trust Score for Website: 42/100. According to scamadviser trust score, we aren’t sure if this website is legitimate.
  • 4. The Contact address is valid: 511 E Center St. Nashville, NC 27856
  • 5. Customer complaints: No negative or positive reviews.
  • 6. Email ID legitimacy:
  • 7. No Exchanges or Returns: We will not entertain, engage, or exchange any return or exchange after seven (7) days. To be entertained in the stipulated time, you must contact us within seven days with a photo or snap to highlight your issue.


Our manual check-up revealed that this website has a trust index of 42/100. According to scamadviser, it is not verified as legitimate. This website may not be legitimate. This website is not recommended for purchase by our visitors. You can also see the list of scam websites.


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