Are you looking for printed-designed dresses at amazing prices? Do you love long sleeves? Lilygurls reviews are for you. Lilygurls is an online fashion brand with stunning designs for women.

Since many years, Lilygurls has been in business. They are fashionable and wear classic clothes. Online shopping can be overwhelming due to scamming and high traffic. We have written Lilygurls reviews in order to help you understand the real


Lilygurls, an American clothing brand, sells clothing for women around the globe. Since 2018, they have been in business. It is an international B2C company. Their garment factory is where they design and produce clothes. Lilygurls offers blouses, two-piece, dresses, and accessories.

The order is processed by Lilygurls in 3-7 days. Shipping times will vary depending on the country. You can send incomplete orders within 7 days.

Lilygurls Clothing Products

There are many items that Lilygurls can offer you. But the main ones they have for you are:

  • Printed dresses
  • Blouses
  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Accessory

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Lilygurls Clothing Highlights

We all know that we purchase and wear many different dresses. Some are comfortable and beautiful, while others make us feel uncomfortable. Based on our own experience and watching Lilygurls reviews, we found these clothes to be unique and well worth repurchasing because of the following:

  • Floral prints The blouses and shirts of Lilygurls are made with floral prints at the neck. These floral prints make blouses and shirts look amazing. Professional designers and manufacturers give them the advantage of designing and making clothes. They create clothes that follow the latest trends.
  • The Latest and Most Fashionable: Surveys are done by Lilygurls to determine which fashion is hot. They follow the latest trends and make stunning dresses and clothes. They are stunning in their color combinations and patterns.
  • Get Discounts A great way to grab buyers is by offering discounts. The buyer will come to your shop to see all the items if the discount is appropriate. Lilygurls offer discounts up to 50% Get the second one free when you buy in bulk. Hot deals on special events and days are available.
  • Affordable Prices Many customers worry about the price. Although many popular online businesses offer a wide range of products, the prices can be prohibitive. Lilygurls offer low prices and good quality, which is a big difference from other online businesses. If you are considering buying from them, don’t worry about their prices.

Get Discounts

  • Get 3 for 1 when you buy 2
  • Receive 50% off your first order

Is Lilygurls Legit or a Scam Website?

Customers can easily fall for online scams. This is due to the greed and ignorance of customers. Scammers profit from weaknesses and use them to make their money. All fraudsters use the same tactics and they can be identified quickly. This will help us avoid big losses.

  • Contact Details Lilygurls has shared their contact number. It’s not a bad thing that their address and company aren’t accessible to buyers. Contact them at +12025390837. Contact details for original shopkeepers must be shared.
  • Social Links : Only one social media account was discovered after a thorough analysis of the website. The link to their Facebook account is available. They now have nearly 1500 followers. The buyers have liked and commented on the posts.
  • Domain Age : Lilygurls claims to have nearly three years experience in online sales according to the domain age. The USSD and domain age inform us about the security of both the domain name and USSD. A domain that is three years old means they are original and offer a great experience.


  • You will find thousands of clothes in one place.
  • You can find simple and printed dresses.
  • They are very affordable.
  • It is high quality.


  • Free shipping
  • Incomplete contact details

Lilygurls Clothes Reviews By Customers

Lilygurls has thousands of reviews from customers on their official website and Facebook. Lilygurls offers thousands of products and many reviews for each one. Each product has a high star rating. They have received 5 stars from most buyers.

People who have reviewed Lilygurls clothing say they will buy again. They also tag their friends and recommend them. Buyers have praised Lilygurls clothing as comfortable, well-made, and beautiful. They are durable and high quality.


Can I order a customized design?

Yes, you can contact Lilygurls support to request a custom design.

How do I return Lilygurl’s damaged items?

Take photos of the items first. Next, send Lilygurls to their email address and ask for a return or refund. The address will be sent to you by them. You can only request a return or exchange within seven days.

What is the shipping cost for Lilygurls?

Lilygurls charges 10$ to purchase items under 80$ and 12$ for items above 80$. They may charge different prices for different countries and take longer to deliver the goods.

What payment methods does Lilygurls accept?

Lilygurls accepts various payment methods. You can pay them using PayPal, Visa Mastercard, Mastercard or Discover.

Wrap up

Lilygurls, a well-known brand, offers a variety of options for women. You can choose from printed, full sleeves, or sleeveless options. Since 2018, Lilygurls has been designing clothes. They create clothes for their own company.

Many people follow Lilygurls on social media. Incomplete contact details are found. Lilygurls Clothing Reviews are positive for Good trust score.

We recommend you do your research about the e-commerce site before placing an order.


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