It is expected that a huge Lego the Lord of the Rings set, based on Rivendell’s, will be available in 2023. It might even look like these custom-built builds…

The LEGO Group could make a comeback to Middle-earth with the next three LEGO The Lord of the Rings BrickHeadz Double-Packs. The LEGO Icons set 10316 is the latest offering. It’s rumored that it will include a huge 500-dollar Rivendell model. It is not yet clear what it will contain – it could be miniaturefigure size. Microscale? It is based on LotR and The Hobbit? The many custom designs on the internet can give us some ideas about how it might look.

These five models, although not all of them are perfect for the 10316 dollar price range, can be used to help you think about how the LEGO Group and you could explore Middle-earth. They might also help to determine the future direction of the LEGO Group.

Microscale LEGO Rivendell

The LEGO Group isn’t a novice to miniature models. The LEGO Group’s first Harry Potter direct to consumer set was 71043 Hogwarts Castle. This was built entirely from minifigures, and could be used to build Rivendell. This is a scale that at most two builders have attempted.

The 20th Film Anniversary project of Lego Idea users bald_bonsai shows us what the microscale Rivendell will look like. However, it is not a good indication of what will happen to them. Their birthday build is made of miniature gold figures similar to the Lego Harry Potter 20th Anniversary sets. It shows Rivendell of outstanding quality at this scale, but most of the attention is on the rockwork around it. It’s unlikely that the model will be worth $500.

Bonobo’s Lego Ideas Rivendell project, which is now a lapsed, offers a new way to look at the microscale concept. He zooms in on some of the most important structures in the valley. This build pack is square-based and 258 pieces. It’s easy to see how LEGO Group could make it worth $500 by expanding its area. The result will be the same model that 71043 Hogwarts Castle. It’s hard to imagine what a thrill this would be. Does Rivendell’s structure really have the feel and look of Hogwarts Castle?

Minifigure-scale LEGO Rivendell

These microscale models are beautiful to see, but it appears that LEGO Group is more inclined to explore Rivendell at miniature-figure scale. Is it realistic considering the location’s size?

The smallest model is three minifigure-sized Rivendell. It comes via Lego Idea. Anduin1970’s original idea was completed before the Idea team approved it. The result is astonishingly 13,000 parts. Although the set’s scope is too large to be licensed by Lego, we can imagine the Lego Group adopting the modular design that allows Rivendell to change according to your needs.

Instructions for a smaller, miniature-scale Rivendell were released to the user of the Rebrickable LegoMocLoc. It weighs in at more than 21,000 pieces. Although it’s not a product licensed by LEGO, the model shows the LEGO Group’s desire to make Rivendells. Rivendell. Rivendell.

The Rivendell construction by Alice Finch, David Frank, and David Frank is the best example of how bricks can be used to create this setting. However, at approximately 200,000 pieces, it won’t be possible for most of us. There are some designs that can influence the final brick set, or at least be seen in it: for example, the brighter colors, or specific locations that are recreated using the miniature-sized model.

We are still waiting to hear if the Lego Rivendell set has been confirmed.

This link will take you to the first three LEGO The Lord of the Rings sets that will be released for 2023.

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