What’s Jackpot Family.ca?

This website will host the lottery contest between 5th July 2022 and 16th January 2023. It’s great to have the chance of winning millions. Contests such as this one are very popular. This contest is very popular in Canada, as well as other countries around the world.

Who is eligible to enter the lottery contest?

Only residents of certain countries are eligible to participate in this lottery challenge. A minimum of 18 years old is required. The challenge is an amazing opportunity for those who love winning the lottery.

Two ways you can participate in the challenge are available. The first is the easiest way to pay. The second is completely free. Let’s look at all options briefly.

First, you can buy a Lottery ticket directly from a Lottery Retailer. You can then purchase Lottery tickets.

It’s easy to send the information to Jackpot Family.ca. You will receive all details about the contest and any tickets, if applicable.

What prizes are there for this contest?

The prize will be determined by the cost of your lottery ticket.

Purchase a lottery ticket and you could win as much as $100 000. You’ll also receive 5 sections which you can use to participate in week-by-week challenges for prizes. With a Lotto ticket, you can win upto $5,000,000 and 10 entries. A $20 lottery ticket can get you up to $10,000,000 and 20 entries.


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