CJ So Cool’s ex-partners – Royalty and NiKee Johnson – have gone viral after their alleged brawl was posted to Instagram last night.

His former partners, Ni’Kee and Royalty Johnson, are arguing on social media just days after YouTuber CJSo Cool was shot multiple times during a home invasion.

After the couple were filmed on Instagram in an altercation, things escalated last night.Royalty and Ni’Kee both have children with CJ so Cool, but they clearly don’t get along. Here are the events that took place during and after the exchange.

What did Ni’Kee do after Royalty shot a video outside her house?┬áSee the drama between Cj So Cool and her ex-girlfriends

Cj So Cool’s ex-wife, Royalty was a constant shaming Ni’Kee. Ni’Kee was threatened by her ex-partner, Royalty. Ni’Kee didn’t stop. She added several more stories to her blog and stated:

Royalty also posted several stories where the two were involved in physical altercations. Her eyebrows were also cut, which she claimed was due to the physical fight.

While most of the videos were deleted from social media, many people quickly captured the videos of the two women kicking each others on the streets.

Social media users reacted to Ni’Kee’s fight with Royalty

These videos caused controversy online, sparking debates about who was right or wrong. While some claimed Royalty “had”, others pointed out that the fight was between CJ So cool and his exes.

@Theyadoregi Nike definitely won. Only thing I would add: Royalty received one punch at end, but Nike still ate it and threw another that rocked royalty

The Shade Room reported that the fans were even more upset when Ni’Kee pointed out that Royalty did not have her twins “naturally” as Ni’Kee claimed. According to IVF, the twins were created.

CJ So Cool’s relationship to his exes is being commented on by people who have viewed the videos on social networks. CJ So Cool is still recovering from the gunshot incident last week and has not commented on it.


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