Jack Nathaniel Pointer Mackenzie, an icon in the worlds of dance and choreography based in London’s bustling metropolis, was a renowned figure. He collaborated with many renowned artists throughout his career. His creative touch extended beyond the stage and into photography, even advertising. The dance community has recently been hit by the sad news that he will die at 35 years old in September 2023.

Important Details:

Full nameJack Nathaniel Pointer Mackenzie
ProfessionPhotographer, dancer, choreographer
AffiliationJLS, Camilla Cabello, Justin Bieber, etc.
DeathSeptember 2023 Age 35
Cause of DeathUnknown
TributesAston Merrygold Base Dance Studios

Career in Dance and Choreography:

Jack Pointer Mackenzie began his dance career with the British band JLS. He was a backup dancer in the early days of the band’s musical journey, following their appearance on The X Factor (2008). Jack Pointer Mackenzie’s dance journey took flight with the British band JLS, where he started as a backup performer during the early stages of their musical voyage following their notable appearance on The X Factor in 2008. Jack’s infectious energy and unmatched skills made him not only a favorite of his peers, but an invaluable asset to JLS. Jack was a key contributor to the band identity by dancing. They shared memories and important moments of their careers. Jack was an integral part of JLS’s musical journey until they split in 2021.

Collaboration With International Stars:

Jack’s brilliance as a professional wasn’t limited to JLS. His exceptional choreography skills became internationally recognized over the years. He collaborated with international sensations like Camilla Cabello and Justin Bieber. His dance style was versatile, allowing him to adapt to different musical genres. This broadened his professional horizons and made him a sought after choreographer in music.

Advertisements using

Mackenzie’s dancing expertise was not limited to the stage. Honda, Hula Hoops and Sport England have sought out his choreographic expertise for their advertising. This project showcased his versatility and adaptability in integrating dance into brand narratives. It left an indelible impression on viewers.

London Studios & Freelance Photographers:

Jack was a man of roots, despite his enormous success. Jack continued to teach at London dance studios and touched the lives of many budding young dancers. In addition to his passion for dance, Jack also pursued freelance photographic work, capturing moments, weaving stories, and capturing them through his lens. Jack’s dedication to his community and his passion for dance is commendable. He nurtured talents and shared his knowledge despite his busy career.

Tributes to the Legacy of

Jack Pointer Mackenzie’s abrupt departure shocked the dance world and beyond. Aston Merrygold shared a touching message on Instagram reminiscing their journey. Base Dance Studios where Jack was once an inspiration for many expressed their sadness, saying, “An unique gift who will be sorely missed.”

Jack Nathaniel Pointer Mackenzie’s talent, dedication and passion for dance have left an indelible impression on the world of choreography and dance. His work and memories will remain as inspirations for many young talents. His absence will leave a void in the dance world that is impossible to fill, but his memories and influence will live on for many generations.


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