What is Tim Gurner all about?

Tim Gurner is a prominent name in Australia’s property development industry. He is the owner, CEO and founder of the Gurner Group. Gurner’s rise in the Australian property development industry is a result of his dedication and hardwork. He was an Executive Director at Urban Inc. and Co-Founder.

What is Tim Gurner’s net worth?

Tim Gurner’s financial footprint in 2022 is impressive. According to the Australian Financial Review 2022 Rich List, his net worth is estimated at $929 million. Gurner, who is 41 years old, has achieved financial success that reflects his shrewdness and the fruitfulness in the property development sector.

What are the controversies surrounding Tim Gurner’s life?

Gurner is not an exception. In 2017, he made a controversial comment about millennials and their spending habits. Gurner was widely criticized after suggesting young people could strengthen their standing on the real estate market by forgoing luxury items such as “smashed avocado on toast” brunches – such comments seemed out-of-touch with real challenges young people are currently facing and received from their respective grandparents. Gurner himself received criticism due to receiving a $34,000 credit from one. He responded to these allegations by highlighting his tenacity and work ethic as well as a successful flip of a property that gave his career a boost.

What is Gurner Group?

Under Tim Gurner’s leadership, the Gurner Group was established in 2013. It has since become a prominent name in property management and development. Gurner Group stands as an industry giant, boasting a portfolio worth $9.5 billion. Additionally, with several high-profile projects that showcased its impactful presence and role in shaping Australia’s real estate scene.

What did Tim Gurner have to say about unemployment?

Gurner’s recent speech at the Australian Financial Review Property Summit caused a stir, and brought him back into the spotlight. Gurner’s assessment on the shifts in attitudes of the workforce after COVID-19 was honest and shocking to many. He stressed the importance of the employee-employer dynamic, stating that employees should recognize their role as serving their employer. He suggested, controversially, that in order to correct current dynamics the unemployment rate must rise by 40-50%. Gurner’s criticism was not limited to just this. He also addressed the declining productivity of workers, especially among tradespeople, post-pandemic. He expressed his dismay at the prevalent sentiment among workers that they were indispensable. This is a concept he believes must be re-calibrated.

Tim Gurner is synonymous with success and controversy. Gurner is a major influence in Australian socioeconomic debates. He has a huge property empire and makes bold statements about societal norms. It doesn’t matter what one thinks of his opinions; his influence on the Australian property industry as well as broader economic discussions is undeniable.


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