This article contains information about the Dana White Slap Incident Video as well as other relevant facts about the couple.

Are you curious about why UFC president Dana White is featured in the news? Every reader of the United States and other countries wants to learn more about the Dana White slap scandal.

What is Dana White’s news trending in?

UFC President Dana White was caught on camera slapping his wife at a nightclub on January 1. Dana White, the UFC president, was caught on video slapping his wife at a nightclub in the United States. However, Dana did not face any consequences.

Dana White’s Viral on Twitter

Dana White’s video of his wife slapping him goes viral online and can be found on all social media platforms, including Twitter, Reddit and many others. The video lasts for 49 seconds and is a hot topic.

Everybody who saw the video was unhappy that Dana White wasn’t charged with any offenses.

What was Dana White’s reaction to the video?

Everyone wanted to know Dana’s thoughts on the incident after the video was posted on Youtube and other platforms. He recently spoke out and admitted that he was embarrassed by what had happened between him, his wife, and that there was no excuse.

Dana also stated to the reporter that he would like to quit the UFC but it would have an impact on the brand as well as the employees. He said that he must carry the stigma of hitting his wife for his entire life. The incident is being discussed by many fans on Instagram.

Anna White has to say about this incident.

Dana white is shocking everyone after slapping Anna. The couple has been married 26 years. This viral video was shared on Tiktok and other platforms. Anna said that she and Anna were both intoxicated and had never experienced such an incident before.

In the interview, she also said that they talked about it like family and that the media should respect their privacy. They don’t want their children’s mental health to be affected by these things. This is the couple’s greatest concern.

You can view the incident’s video via the Redditplatform, and join the discussion with other viewers.

Final Words

The slapping incident changes the couple’s lives and leads them to a new path that they don’t want to take. They sorted it out with maturity.


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