In this article you will read about 28 Person Travelodge.

A woman who participated in a 28-person “gang bang” filmed in a Travelodge is defending her profession.

After a video shot at Newcastle’s Cobalt Business Park, Lacey Amour, a Newport, Wales woman, became viral online, Lacey Amour was the subject of headlines.

Travelodge stated that it was investigating the breach. The terms state that guests can’t ‘[conduct] any commercial activity or seek to gain profit without written consent.

Lacey claimed that the celebrities were simply trying to do their job, and she has now spoken out to defend her work.

WalesOnline spoke to the 23-year old, who said that “nobody takes my job seriously” and was constantly criticized for it. You can see the comments section of every sex worker and it will include things like ‘get real work’, “classy”, “riddled”, “no dignity or respect,” etc.

They act as though they don’t have to go to work every day for minimum wage and use their bodies to make the CEO rich.

“I was turned down for business accounts, and my bank accounts were closed due to the nature of my business. Corporate solicitors have turned me down because they are afraid of causing damage to their reputation by representing my business.

“I have had landlords who were more than happy to rent me office space until I discovered that I work in the entertainment industry. Then they refused to let me rent the space.

“Brands declined to work with my job. However, in my personal life, some landlords won’t accept tenants for houses that do sex work.”

She said, “These are just a few examples of a professional level when you’re operating your business as an entertainer.”

Amour claimed that her life is “perfect” because she works in the adult sector. She has since shared how she got to this point.

She stated that she was earning only about PS100 per month when she first started. That, along with my current income, was something I was happy with. It was like that for many months, until I decided to go to university. Then, I quit my job as a caregiver and began it full-time.

“Even though I didn’t put much into it while I was studying, and had my student loans to help, my OnlyFans income grew to PS500 per monthly.

After seeing what I could make and realizing that you only get what you put into it, I decided to put more effort and began earning around PS2000 per month.

“This was all that I could do at the same time as my studies. A year and a quarter ago, I quit my first year at uni and spent every waking minute trying to grow my business. It’s growing quickly.

She also stated that she has “1.4k subscribers” at the moment, which based upon her monthly subscription feed of PS4.99 indicates she earns around PS86,000 annually in subscription fee fees.


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