We will be discussing After the death of Taylor Hawkins, who is still playing drums for Foo Fighters?

Are you familiar with Taylor Hawkins, the drummer for Foo Fighters? He is the Foo Fighters’ most well-known drummer. He is well-known by the Brazil and United States.

The Foo Fighters have not performed since Hawkins’ death. Therefore, one member of the band has decided to keep the band together without Hawkins. People were curious to find Who Plays Drums for Foo Fighters. You can read the entire post to find out more about a Foo new member.

Who will play the drums in the Foo Flights group?

The band recently announced that they would continue to support the Foo Fighters following Taylor’s death, but has not yet announced a new drummer. Rumours have circulated that Rufus Tiger Taylor (the son of Queen Drummer Roger Taylor) could be the band’s new drummer.

The band has not yet made any official announcements about who will be playing the drums. We will inform you as soon as we have information about the new member of the band or his Biography.

Who’s Rufus Tiger Taylor?

Rufus Tiger Taylor, the son of Queen Drummer Roger Taylor, is Rufus Tiger Taylor. Tiger Taylor fought his father in the battle on “Queen + Adam Lambert”, which aired in 2011. He also replaced Emily Dolan Davies as The Darkness’s frontman in 2015. He has been a member since 2015 of The Darkness.

Although there are rumors that Tiger might replace Taylor Hawkins as Foo Fighters’ drummer, no confirmation has been made by the band member. People have been interested in learning more about Rufus Tiger since then.

Many people believe Taylor could be the next Foo Fighters member. Here are some facts about Taylor.

What’s his annual income?

He has been a member since 2015 of The Darkness, so his Net worth is $1 million.


The Foo Fighters revealed that they will continue to perform after Taylor Hawkins‘s death. The rock band has not yet announced Hawkins’ replacement.


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