Welcome to the Unruggables world, the first ever NFT collection by the $WGMI/ERC-20 Community. Unruggables are 888 unique phoenix designs that each can be purchased and traded on blockchain. This collection is a testimony to the passion, creativity, and vision of $WGMI Community, an organization of dedicated individuals at forefront of NFT revolution. We’ll be introducing you to the Unruggables and explaining the role of the $WGMI community in their creation. Finally, we will highlight the unique features and benefits these NFTs offer. We will also explain how to join the $WGMI Community, and become a proud owner a Unruggable phoenix. Let’s get started!

The $WGMI community is a group made up of creatives. Developers and entrepreneurs share their knowledge and skills. To have a great portfolio of projects. They also have a lot of heart. They always look out for others. They have teamed up to Unruggables. An online shop that focuses on sustainable fashion and home products. Unruggables‘s goal is to empower people to be more resourceful and self-sufficient. The team decided to use virtual goods to do this.

Items like solar lamps are part of the Unruggables virtual goods range. You can customize wind turbines, and many other items. These items will be sold for all proceeds. All proceeds will go to the Muir Woods Foundation. A non-profit organization that preserves wild areas in Northern California. You can find The Unruggables if you are looking for unique ways to support the environment and causes, or if you want to create new virtual goods for your collection.

How do you join the $WGMI Community?

Here’s how you can join the $WGMI Community and receive a piece of the Unruggables Collection.

Purchase $WGMI tokens. To join the $WGMI community, you must first purchase $WGMI tickets. You can buy $WGMI tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges or directly from the $WGMI website.

Join the $WGMI Community: Once you have earned $WGMI tokens, you can join the $WGMI Community by joining online forums and social media groups. This is a great way to make connections with your community and learn more about the $WGMI project.

Participate: $WGMI is always open for new ideas and contributions. Do not be afraid to get involved and share your knowledge and skills. All levels of supporter or artist are welcome in the $WGMI Community.

Buy an Unruggable Phoenix NFT. Unruggable Phoenix NFTs are available on the $WGMI website and on cryptocurrency exchanges that accept NFTs. Trustworthy sources are the best to ensure you receive a genuine Unruggable Phoenix NFT.

These steps will enable you to join $WGMI Community and become a proud owner of a Unruggable phoenix NFT. These NFTs can be used for more than just digital art. These NFTs are a way for you to be a part of and contribute to the growth and development of $WGMI.


The $WGMI Unruggables collection is a symbol of creativity, innovation, and inclusion. These assets are extremely sought-after and offer a variety of benefits to their owners. There are only 888 Unruggable Phoenix NTs available. You only need $WGMI tokens to join the $WGMI community and own a piece of the Unruggables collection. No matter if you’re an art collector or cryptocurrency enthusiast, the Unruggables will amaze and delight, no matter what your digital creativity level.


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