This article describes TikTok Celebrity Waffler69’s passing away and the cause of his death. You can read WAFFLER69 Causes of Death Reddit.

Waffler69’s death: Waffler69, a TikTok creator aged 33, was the victim of this tragedy. Some United States members aren’t sure how Waffler69 died. You can find his Cause of Death here. This article also contains information about WAFFLER69 Causes of Death Reddit.

Waffler69’s death.

Taylor, also known online as Waffler69 was well-known for his odd food choices, such as canned cheeseburgers. Some of his most well-known videos show him eating illegally licensed cereal, which was first released in 1989 in support of Tim Burton’s Batman film, and antiquated canned goods. Claydorm (Waffler69’s younger brother), who appeared in several of TikTok videos, announced the sad news via social media like Redditearly that Taylor passed away on January 12. Claydorm’s January 11 video informed viewers that Waffler69 had died from a “presumed cardiac arrest” at 10:10 pm. Claydorm urges viewers to keep watching his brother’s videos. Claydorm loved making people happy, so it was vital to keep him alive.

A large part of TikToksociety, which has lost the 33-year old TikTokphenomenon Waffler69, is in deep grief. Clayton, his brother, announced his death. It is currently unknown what caused Dead Taylor Claydorm (also known as Waffler69). His brother declared his death on January 12, 2023. According to him, his brother may have died from a heart attack. TMZ reported that Clayton had told Taylor, his mother that he felt unwell since Wednesday. He was rushed to the hospital by an ambulance, but he later died.

What happened to Waffler69 ?

He is well-known for his unique meal choices and nostalgic views on fast food. Clayton claims that he suffered a cardiac arrest at 10 o’clock on January 11, 2023. Clayton said that he had taken him to the hospital immediately and died hours or even hours later.

According to Clayton, Taylor is healthy and has not had a heart attack, although his grandfather and father both have genetic heart problems. Clayton, his brother posted the information on TikTokusing a profile. Taylor, also known as Waffler69, has more than 32.9million likes on TikTok. The videos that he uploaded online of his childhood favorites were loved by many.

Waffler69’s net worth

A TikTok creator named Waffler69. Waffler69’s net worth is unknown. He died on January 11, 2023. Waffler69, a TikTok celebrity, died on age33. Waffler69 gained a large following on social media for his videos in which he tried unusual dishes. He had an Instagram account, a YouTube channel, and just started posting content to Facebook. Stay connected to our page for more updates

Personal details

Full Name: Taylor

Fame name: Waffler69

TikTok creator

December 11, 2023 – Died

Age: 33

NetWorth Unknown

Note: All details gathered from online sources.


The death of Taylor Brice, a bright star in TikTok’s society, is a sad day. Taylor Brice died on Wednesday, January 11. According to reports, he suffered a cardiac arrest. People pay tribute to Waffler69 in huge numbers. More information online


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