We will be explaining in detail what Usstamped is in real life. You can read the Usstamped review to find out if it is a scam or a trusted company.

Here are some additional details that confirm Usstamped is fraudulent:

Contact Information

We have found its email address “services@stampsstores .net” on multiple scam sites. This email address can be searched on our website. Or, you can click the tag at the bottom of the post to find the list.

Brand misuse

It misuses the name of United States Postal Service. The website uses the logo and name of the United States Postal Service.

NOTE: While it is using the name of United States Postal Service, it could misuse other brands and change its website details in the future. There are many scam websites that do this.

Social Media Presence

It is not possible to find a social media icon that links to a business-related social media page. Legit online shops usually offer social media icons that link to their pages, groups, or profiles on social media. It may not be on social media.

Copied content

Many of the details on the website’s website are identical to those found on multiple scam websites.

On its policy pages, it has not mentioned the website name of a different website than its own. Stampshop has not given any information about its connection to that website, whereas legitimate companies will always refer to their connections with sister websites.

Special Sales and Discounts

Many products are listed on the site with huge discounts. Scam sites often offer discounts in order to lure people to their scams. It has listed the following products for sale: Stamps: 100 Forever Stamps Sales in 15 Styles 2017, 2017 Forever US Flag Stamps Coil with 100 Stamps, Forever Stamps Star-Spangled Banner (5 Sheets) and Save Vanishing Species Amur Tiger 2011, 5 Books 100 Pcs.

Customer complaints and delivery

There are many online shops selling similar products that have complaints about product quality, delivery times, and customer service.


We can confirm that Usstamped online shop is fraudulent based on the above facts.

You will find many suspicious websites listed in our ” Suspicious”, you can also find information about scams by scrolling through our ” Scams”, or navigate to our homepage and find interesting and informative articles under various categories by clicking.

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