This article about Tatjana patitz TWITTER includes details about a supermodel who is known for her beauty and smile, elegance, quietness, and quietness.

Is Tatjana the dead supermodel? Was Tatjana really sick? Was Tatjana sick? Many Worldwide fans are asking for information about Tatjana’s death.

TatjanaPatitz was a supermodel and actress who appeared in numerous Vogue issues. She died in the Freedom ’90 clip. Undoubtedly, she was a passionate, intense, quiet supermodel. You can read the comments and shares about Tatjana patitz TWITTER.

Tatjana’s death was caused by

Tatjana’s family representative stated that Tatjana had been diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. People from the fashion industry and many fans shared the sad news about Tatjana’s death on Twitter. Twitter users shared photos of Tatjana on magazine covers during the 1980s and 1990s.

People were shocked and grieved to hear of the death of the supermodel and shared condolences via social media including Instagram, and other platforms.

TatjanaPatitz’s family details:

Tatjana, a German-born girl, was born in Hamburg and moved to Sweden with her Estonian mother and German father at an early age.

Tatjana, a talented horse rider and tomboy who was 17 years old in 1983, entered a Stockholm Elite model contest. Tatjana was third in Sweden. Her awards included a vacation to Paris and a contract for a short time. Vogue in 1988 noted that a star didn’t emerge overnight. Jason Jackson was Tatjana’s Husband.

TatjanaPatitz’s professional details:

Tatjana was among a select number of female models of the time, whose fashion sense and appearance earned them recognition beyond modeling. According to her agent, Tatjana was one of the original supermodels, who ruled fashion for decades and demanded huge payments for photoshoots.

TatjanaPatitz starred alongside Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista in the fiery music video clip of George Michael’s 1990 hit song “Freedom”.


Many have paid tribute to Tatjana patitz TWITTER, and mourned the loss of the supermodel. According to Corinne Nicolas (founder of The Model CoOp, a Manhattan-based modeling agency, Tatjana died in California). Corinne told the media that Tatjana had been unwell. He did not provide any other details.

Quick Wiki by Tatjana Patitz:

  • Name- TatjanaPatitz
  • Actress by profession and German supermodel
  • Date of birth – March 25, 1966
  • Date of death – January 11, 2023
  • Germany – Place of Birth
  • Kids- Jonah Patitz
  • Height – 1.8m
  • Age- 56 Years

The Last Words:

Tatjana patitz, a supermodel from the 80s and 90s, died recently. She represented many fashion designers on the runway. Tatjana’s cause of death is unknown. However, there are reports that Tatjana was suffering from aggressive breast cancer.


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