In this article you will read about Slick Goku Cause Of Death Video.

His most famous work was Slick Goku, or Otaku da Furiku. His short animations incorporated characters from his “Slick Goku” universe were his most well-known work.

Let’s take a look at the circumstances surrounding Slick Goku’s confirmed death.

Who was SlickGoku aka Reggie Groover,

Slick Goku, a fictional character from another universe, can be identified on DevilArtemis’ YouTube channel as a cameo. Reggie Groover is his real name. He is an American YouTuber, gamer and YouTuber best known for his channel Slick Goku. Reggie started his YouTube channel on December 1, 2018, and has uploaded a total 591 videos. His latest video, “Eren Jaeger meets Optimus Prime [SFM]”, was posted on Wednesday 18th January 2023. It has been well received by the YouTube community. Who is this mysterious Slick-Goku man? Only time will reveal!

Slick Goku’s family confirmed the death of his father in January

Slick Goku’s family confirmed his passing on Saturday, January 21.

Janice Gore (Slick Goku’s mom) posted a statement on GoFundMe. She confirmed the sudden death of Slick Goku. His family is seeking donations to pay for funeral expenses.

Janice stated that Reggie died in the presence of his family. Freddie Heinz (a co-voice actor) reported that Slick died from a seizure, but there are no further details.

JB Cole, the YouTuber’s best friend, said that Reggie was loved and had many admirers around the globe. “Reggie had an incredible impact on everyone he met.”

The Legacy of Slick Goku

Many fans loved Slick Goku for his charm and wit, as well as his sense of justice and fierce loyalty. Although he was a YouTube celebrity due to his appearances on the Cell VS series of DevilArtemis, he will be remembered for more than that. He will be remembered as a friend and loyal defender of the truth, no matter the danger. His legacy will be remembered by those who knew him well and those who only read the stories that he was part of.

We will soon confirm the details of Slick Goku’s funeral

Janice Gore announced Reggie Groover’s Funeral would be held next Saturday January 28. More details will be announced by the family via the GoFundMe page over the coming weeks.

Groover’s funeral fund has raised over $19,000 to date. This figure is correct as of publication date.

Tributes are paid to Slick Goku for his death

Photo Illustration by PavloGonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

As news of Reggie Groover’s death is confirmed, many fans and collaborators have paid tribute.

Reggie, also known by Slick Goku may you rest in peace. It was too soon. It was a pleasure working together and laughing together,” YouTube animator SSJ Car tweeted.

“Slick Goku was an incredible content creator and one of my inspirations. From Slick Goku to Kiruto Thugoto, this man was a great content creator. Another actor tweeted, “My prayers are sent his family,”

We are thinking of Reggie Groover and his family in this difficult time.


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