Breastfeeding is the best choice for your baby, but if this is not possible, you can choose an organic Holle Goat Dutch Formula to feed your baby. What is organic? – You might ask. These are some facts about the health benefits of organics.

  1. Organic milk formulas contain only ingredients that are produced by farms that adhere to European organic production regulations. The independent Control Institute monitors these farms (the label shows the code number for the organic certification body).
  2. Organic milk formulas are free of GMOs, colours, antibiotics and flavourings as well as gluten, preservatives and starches. This is good news for healthy babies.
  3. Organic baby formulas contain natural calcium from organic milk and natural calcium carbonate, which are important for baby’s bone development. Organic milk is easy to digest and contains high-quality protein. The newborn receives all the essential vitamins, minerals, and trace elements he/she requires.

Do you think it is worth changing the milk formula often?

It is okay to discontinue formula feeding if a baby who was artificially fed feels satisfied with the formula. Side effects of baby formula can occur. Side effects can occur in baby formula. A newborn baby’s intestines are used to a specific product. Changing the formula can cause intestinal problems.

Your paediatrician should be consulted if you want to change to a cheaper formula for your baby than the one you’re currently giving. An experienced paediatrician will be familiar with how babies react to different products. Your doctor can help you choose the right formula for your baby. You should change the formula:

  • Your baby may have prolonged stool abnormalities
  • Anaemia can develop when there is not enough blood.
  • Allergies to the product
  • If the baby regurgitates a lot
  • Bloating is a regular occurrence.

Manufacturers will meet every baby’s needs. If a baby is suffering from excessive regurgitation, it’s possible to switch to an antireflux product that contains gum. This effectively thickens his stomach. There are formulas that are lactose free for children. Hydrolysed protein and soya proteins are also available.


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