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Mike Clevinger is a pitcher for the Chicago White Sox of MLB. His 10-month-old daughter Olivia Finestead has accused him of child abuse and domestic violence. Now, Major League Baseball is investigating him. She also posted images of her injuries and took to Instagram to accuse the player. Finestead explained that she had been in contact with the MLB’s Department of Investigations this summer.

The 24-year old wrote that she thought she was going to hell. You continue to abuse your infant covertly for nearly a year, I have kept quiet, and we still don’t even have her birth certificate nor her car seat attachment. He has done everything possible to maintain control. She told The Athletic how Clevinger beat her in a hotel room in June 2022, when the Padres were playing against the Dodgers. He was a ” massive drug addict” who used acid and mushrooms daily. Seth Levinson who is Clevinger’s agent tells the outlet that they need to protect their client fairly and thoroughly while still respecting the White Sox as well as MLB. Clevinger’s agent Seth Levinson says they need to wait before they respond. On the other hand, the White Sox claim that they didn’t know about these allegations when they offered a $12 million one-year deal.

Olivia Finestead and Clevinger share a 10-month old daughter. Finestead stated to The Athletic that she had spoken to MLB’s Department of Investigations about incidents of emotional, verbal and physical abuse since the summer of 2022. Ghiroli’s and Strangs reports indicate that Finestead claimed to have told investigators that Clevinger had choked her one time and then slapped her another time and used chewing tobacco on her daughter.

Seth Levinson (the agent for Mike Clevinger) sent the following text to The Athletic: “We must fairly and thoroughly protect the client, while at the same time being respectful of the White Sox, MLB, and at the Same Time be respectful to our client. We will need to wait before we can respond.

In a statement, the Chicago White Sox stated that they didn’t know about the allegations regarding signing Clevinger earlier in this offseason.

“Major League Baseball and Chicago White Sox take all allegations very seriously. The White Sox fully support the Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Child Abuse policy that is shared by MLB and MLBPA.

After learning about these allegations, the MLB opened an investigation. The White Sox did not know about the allegations or the investigation at the time of his signing. The White Sox won’t comment on the matter until MLB’s investigation is complete.”


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