Jason Dirden, an American actor, voice artist and social media personality, is Jason Dirden. He came to the media attention after getting married to his longtime girlfriend-turned-wife, Anika Noni Rose. They were married on October 2022. However, they have not made it public. The couple announced their engagement on 16 January 2023.

Who is Jason Dirden? Biography and Parents

Jason Dirden is an actor and voice actor. He also has a celebrity child. After playing the role of Greenleaf on the TV Series Basie Skanks, he rose to fame for his 20-episode stint. Jason announced his engagement to actress Anika Noni Rose.

Jason Dirden was therefore a popular topic on the internet. People are looking for details about his biography. Jason Dirden is a media personality, but he doesn’t have an official Wikipedia Page.

Jason Dirden: Parents Willie Dirden and Deborah Dirden

Jason Dirden’s parents, Willie Dirden and Deborah Dirden made Houston their home. Jason was one of five siblings who shared his childhood home with him.

His mother is African-American, and his father is Louisiana Creole. His father is also of Ashkenazi Jewish eighth descent, making him a mixed race individual.

Willie and Deborah were married in 1970s and had five amazing children as a result.

Willie spent the majority of his adult life acting in stage productions. He pursued the endeavor with enthusiasm, even though it wasn’t his main source of income.

It was difficult to make a living as an actor in Texas in the 1960s. He was also responsible for his family’s support. He decided to give up on a career as an actor.

His sons, Jason and Brandon, showed an interest in acting from a young age. He guided them to their goals and helped them choose work. Jason started his acting career as a child actor and Brandon continues the family tradition.

Jason Dirden: Career

Houston was where the children spent their childhood, and they often went to Houston to see their father perform in plays.

Dirden and Dirden’s older brother, who were both actors, were influenced by their father. He was active in the Houston community theatre scene.

Both Dirden and his older brother went on to become actors. Brandon, the youngest of five children, was the most outgoing.

Dirden’s family lived in a house, while most cast members lived in apartments. This made their home an attractive venue for casting gatherings.

A recurring colourful showbiz procession had a profound impact on the lives of two young boys. It was a life-altering, transformative and formative experience that impacted their lives.

Brandon shared that although his father wasn’t a professional tennis player but he did a tremendous job in developing the skills of his daughters who went on to be successful in the sport.

He said, “Our father had respect for both the skill of acting and the art of narration and literature.”


Jason is an actor legend in Hollywood because of his extraordinary acting abilities. He was a tireless worker and gave his time so freely to his profession. He saw the results of his labor.


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