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What is the vyfos com site?

Vyfos sells Sweatshirts, Tops and Dresses online.
According to the whois record, this website was created on 2022-08-309 and expires on 2023-8-299. According to scamadviser, the trust score for this site is 21/100.
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The Vyfos Website:

  • Website name Vyfos
  • Email:
  • Contact address: XBP International LTD, 69 Aberdeen Avenue, Cambridge, United Kingdom, CB2 8DL.
  • Contact number +447482875871
  • Products Category: Sweatshirt, Tops, Dress, Blazers, Bottoms products.
  • Product Name: Bohemian Beauty Green Maxi Dress and Coffee Long Sleeve Button Front Cardigan.
  • Payment Options: Not Available
  • Delivery Time: 35 Business Day
  • Return Policy All products returned must be in original condition. They must not have been worn, should not be washed and they must retain their protective strip. Returned items that have obvious makeup, perfume, deodorant, or other product stains may be refused.
  • Social media links: Like us on Facebook and Instagram

These points will help you understand the legitimacy of the website. Let’s now take a look at both the positive and the negative aspects of the website.

Disadvantages of this website Reviews

According to scamadviser, this website has a low trust score 21/100. increases the trust concern. This website domain is new and was registered on 2022-08-309. It expires on 202308-299. Trust issues are created.

This website has many advantages:

  • HTTPS, valid SSL certificate, is available for consumer safety.
  • It provides all of the valid and accessible policies to customers.

Now you know the positive and negative aspects of the website. Let’s now look at the points that prove it is legitimate or fraudulent. Please read the following section and leave your comments if applicable. It can help many people who are still confused about this site.

These points will prove the Vyfos website to be a scam or legit

  • Website Age Created 2022-08-30 & Ends 2023-08-30
  • Maximum Discount Offers: Up to 40% Off
  • Trust Score for Website: 21/100 according to scamadviser.
  • The legitimacy and contact address: International LTD, 69 Aberdeen Avenue Cambridge, United Kingdom CB2 8DL.
  • Customer Complaints – Not Found
  • The legitimacy and use of the Email ID is
  • Returns and exchanges: All products returned must be in original condition. They must also have their original tags and protective strip. Returned items that have obvious makeup, perfume, deodorant, or other product stains may be refused.

Questions frequently asked about the onlie store

What payment method do they use?

Payment option avaialable – Not available

What is the delivery timeline?

35 Business Days

How old is your website?

Website’s age is 2022-08-30 and expires 2023-08-30

What’s the discount for their store?

Enjoy a Discount of up to 40% on Their Website

How do I contact them?

Contact information for XBP International LTD is 69 Aberdeen Avenue Cambridge, United Kingdom, CB2-8DL. or +447482875871

Learn more about how you can get a refund in case you are ever scammed.

Our Opinion on Vyfos

Our manual inspection has shown that scamadviser gives this site a rating of 21 out 100. It has a low trust rating, which means that it is visited by fewer people. It has a trust score of 1 out 100. The store also needs feedback from customers. The prices on popular portals have been criticized. We checked to see if they were excessively high or low. Before making any purchase, we recommend that you thoroughly research this website.


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