Chapter 236 of “Jujutsu Kaisen” has sparked a new era of debate and discussion in the world of manga and anime. What’s the crux of all this? The unexpected and terrifying end to the seemingly unbeatable Gojo satoru.

What happened in Chapter 236?

This chapter is the culmination of a titanic battle between two of manga’s most powerful characters: Gojo Satoru, and Sukuna. It’s not just a physical battle, but also a clash between ideals, methods, and inherent powers that define the core of the manga.

Mahoraga – The Trump Card Against Infinity

What could defeat someone so powerful as Gojo, and his renowned Infinity Technique? Sukuna used Mahoraga to defeat Gojo’s defenses. Sukuna’s reliance upon Mahoraga wasn’t an afterthought. It was a carefully calculated move that he had planned for some time.

What was the fate of Gojo sealed by Mahoraga?

Mahoraga’s clever manipulation of Cursed Energy neutralized Gojo’s Infinity Technique. This technique was revered and feared among many. Mahoraga made Gojo vulnerable by directly attacking this technique. In chapter 234, the readers gasped when Mahoraga displayed a slash that was so deep, it wasn’t just aimed at Gojo – but it also aimed to disrupt space itself.

The Battle and its Aftermath

In the chapter 236 of the book, we find the result of this battle: Gojo, the powerhouse in the world of Jujutsu, is defeated. Sukuna, as he watched Gojo’s demise, spoke words that were chilling, and a testament to Mahoraga’s sheer power.

Could Gojo Satoru Return?

The manga has left many readers in a state of sadness, but speculations about Gojo’s possible comeback are rampant. Reverse Cursed Technique is the primary hope for many fans. Do the odds favor Gojo’s restoration or, at least, his preservation with his head attached? Time will tell.

The bigger picture: Implications for Jujutsu World

Gojo’s death marks a major shift in Jujutsu power dynamics and history. Allies and opponents will have to reevaluate strategies without him to guide them. Perhaps new powers could emerge.

The chapter 236 in “Jujutsu Kaisen”, is more than just another chapter. It’s an important moment for the series. The narrative has taken a surprising turn with the death of Gojo Satoru. Readers are now even more excited for what’s next. The impact of the battle and Gojo’s legacy will be felt throughout the entire series, whether or not he returns.


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