Gerard Pique’s Girlfriend Photo will tell us why they are featured in the news, and what happened between Shakira & Pique.

Are you familiar with Gerard Pique? Are you in a relationship with Gerard Pique? Is he currently with a girlfriend? What’s the most recent news about their lives that people talk about Worldwide

Although Shakira split from Gerard, it seems that she still misses him. This is because of the New Year’s Day social media post. This post will show you Gerard Pique Girlfriend photo and other details.

Who’s Gerard’s girlfriend?

According to sources, Gerard Pique has a new girlfriend named Clara Chia Marti. Gerard’s girlfriend is pregnant rumours are circulating on the internet shortly after Shakira’s divorce. Everyone started talking about Gerard and Clara Chia Marti the last time they were seen together. Soon, their photo of them holding hands became viral on social media.

The former football star hasn’t spoken out about it and we can’t confirm that his girlfriend is Pregnant.

What’s the most recent news?

Shakira, a pop singer and songwriter, released the song “Bzrp Music Sessions Vol. 53” is about Gerard Pique, her ex-boyfriend. Yesterday’s release of the song has already received 60,869.187 views.

  • A few lines from the lyrics
  • Sorry, I took another flight
  • I won’t be coming back, and I don’t want to make another mistake.
  • You may even pretend to be a champion
  • You gave me your worst version when I needed it
  • Sorry baby, it has been a while
  • I should have thrown the cat away
  • I’m not a rookie to being a she-wolf.

What were the reactions?

This song has been viewed millions of times on social media platforms such as Instagram. People love Shakira’s attitude. Others just love the lyrics. They were amazed by how she targeted his ex-boyfriend through this song.

What’s the story between Shakira & Pique?

Pique and Shakira were in a relationship for 11 years, but they separated in June last year. They met for the first time in 2010 at Waka Waka World Cup.

Because Shakira wanted to be Gerard’s lifetime girlfriend, she never married Gerard. Their two children, Milan and Sasha (both age 10 and 8 years respectively), were both born to them and are now living with Shakira.

She often remarked that it was a very difficult time for her after she separated from him. Gerard, on the other hand, moved quickly from their decade-long marriage and we’re now talking about his current girlfriend.

Who’s Gerard Pique?

Gerard Pique, a former Spanish footballer, was born 2 February 1987. He was a centre-back, and was one the most skilled defenders in his time.

After Shakira’s new song, Twitter and other media began talking about him.


Social media is trending with Shakira’s song and Gerard’s girlfriend photos. It was a topic that people wanted to learn more about, so we decided to discuss it here.


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