This article explains all aspects of Empress Njamah Videos as well as the negative effects of sharing explicit images online.

The video of Nollywood actress Leaked has been leaked. Her ex-fiance posted a video on YouTube saying that he missed her. He also released explicit videos of her in a chat group.

People from the United States of America, Ghana, Nigeria and the United Kingdom were shocked by the leak. This article will cover the events surrounding Empress Njamah Videos which were leaked online.

What’s in the video?

People can see in the video that George Wade, his estranged fiance, has shared explicit photos of the actress. Sources claim that he set up a Whatsapp group to share all photos of the actress with those in which she is taking baths.

Empress Njamah Viral on Twitter

The videos and photos were shared on Twitter after the leaks of the Whatsapp pictures. Although we can see some photos of the actress, the entire video is missing. We have not found the video anywhere, so we removed it from Twitter.

People request that the actress contact the officials to put the bad guy behind bars.

How can users find the video in Instagram?

The news was broadcast all over the Internet. Instagram was also a part of it. However, there was no trace of the video there.

Instagram prohibits explicit content and takes down any videos or photos that are disrespectful to the person.

Reactions to TikTok

The TikTok videos of the actress were not found. However, if they were, it is likely that they have been removed. This man’s behavior is unprofessional and is not the way to express your feelings of missing your partner.

Where is the video posted and shared?

These videos have been shared on Redditchannels. However, we cannot find the discussion group. According to reports, the videos were shared with hundreds of people in a Whatsapp Group. The video was shared by the Whatsapp group to various social networks.

We are aware that George Wade is vengeful against the actress for her breakup with him and her inability to be with him.

The video is available on YouTube.

YouTube does not have the video. Instead, the channel only displays news about the incident. These videos cannot be posted on public platforms and can only be found on unauthentic channels.

YouTube is a more informational channel than a platform for explicit content.

What’s the reaction to Telegram users?

We don’t know if the video was shared on Telegram, as we haven’t seen any reports about the video being distributed on Telegram.


George Wade’s act was very unethical and should result in him being punished. You can view the details online.


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