Amanda Peterson is remembered fondly for her iconic roles in the 1980s. She met a tragic death at 43 years old due to an accident morphine overdose. Here’s an in-depth look at the circumstances of her death.

Who Was Amanda Peterson

Amanda Peterson’s debut in cinematic history was as a dancer, performing John Huston’s 1982 adaptation Annie. She then shared the screen with Ethan Hawke and other notable actors in “Explorers”, but it was her role opposite Patrick Dempsey, in 1987’s romantic comedy “Can’t Buy Me Love,” that cemented her fame among Gen X audiences. She won a lot of fans with her portrayal as the seemingly unattainable, sweet high school queen.

What caused Amanda Peterson to die?

The Greeley Tribune published the Weld County coroner’s report which revealed the sad details. Amanda reportedly ingested morphine from a friend in an effort to relieve her pain. The morphine overdose, combined with the heart and lung disease she already had, led to respiratory failure. This tragically ended her life.

Amanda was also prescribed various medications for lung and heart disease. She also had a prescription to Gabapentin – a medication used to treat pain in the nerves. The toxicology results showed that Amanda’s Gabapentin level was alarmingly higher than the therapeutic level. Both the coroner’s office and the forensic pathologist were in agreement that the primary cause was morphine overdose.

Did Amanda Peterson use opioids before?

Mark Ward, the Weld County coroner, clarified that Amanda’s medical records did not show any recent prescriptions for morphine. This could indicate that Amanda was not a regular user of morphine. Ward said, “The amount she ingested of morphine combined with her heart and lungs disease led to a fatality.” This is a grim reminder about the dangers associated with using medications that are not prescribed for a specific individual.

Did you find any other substances in her system?

Amanda’s toxicological test also showed traces of marijuana. Marijuana use is legal in Colorado. While it may not have contributed directly to Amanda’s untimely death, its presence does give insight into the events that preceded it.

What will Amanda Peterson’s legacy be?

Amanda Peterson’s performances brought joy to many viewers, despite the tragic circumstances of her death. She portrayed high school life in “Can’t Buy Me Love”, with grace and charm. Her television appearances, including “Silver Spoons”, with Ricky Schroder and her film achievements, showed her versatility as an actor.

Amanda Peterson’s untimely demise is a reminder of the dangers of drug abuse. While her fans grieve, it is important to celebrate her talent and her legacy in the entertainment industry.


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