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What is Vankohl com?

Vankohl is an online shop that sells Household, Hot Sale and Pro Tools. This website has a trust score 1 out 100.

This site has the largest list of fraudulent websites. This is a great place to review online stores.

Vankohl’s website:

  • Website name: Vankohl
  • Email: This email ID is not displayed on this website.
  • Contact address: I have not yet found my company address
  • Contact Number: not available on their Website
  • Products Category: Hot Sales, Household, Pro Tools and DIY Products, oys&Gifts
  • Type of Product: Manganese Steel Farm Cleaning Shovel. Profile gauge for irregular woodworkers, Inline 4-Cylinder Engine Kit, Custom Metal Car Engine Premium DIY Assemble Engine Model Toys Machine Works DIY Model Kit 300+Pcs Educational Toy – Create Your Own V8 Engine
  • Options for payment: PhotonPay-CreditCard, Visa and master card
  • Delivery time: COVID-19 may cause delays in delivery. ORDER HANDLE TIME All orders will be shipped within 1 to 3 business days, excluding holidays. SHIPPING TIME All orders are shipped within 1 to 3 business day, excluding holidays.
  • Return Policy As soon as the item is returned, you will be refunded or exchanged. The method of payment you used will determine the amount that will be refunded. PayPal refunds: 3 business days. Credit card refunds are processed in 7-14 business days. Within 3 business days, we will exchange your order.
  • Links to Social Media: They do not have any social media links.

These points will help to understand the legitimacy and credibility of the website. Let’s take a closer look at the website’s positive and negative aspects.

Vankohl Review:

This website has a low trust score of 1. It is ranked 100th of 100, which raises the trust concern. Other sites have given negative feedback about this portal. It was registered on 14 November 2022. This causes trust problems.

This website offers many benefits:

  • For consumer safety, HTTPS is available.
  • It offers all the relevant and easily accessible policies for customers.

Now you are familiar with the positive and the negative aspects of this website. Let’s look at what points prove the website is legitimate and fraudulent. If you have any comments, please read the next section. This information can be helpful to many who are still unsure about the site.

These points will show that the Vankohl website can be trusted.

  • Website Age The domain was registered on 14 November 2022.
  • Maximum Discounts: up to 40%
  • Website Trust Score: 0 of 100
  • Contact address and legitimacy: They have yet to find their company address
  • Customer Complaints Trustpilot found a negative review about this website.
  • They have not provided it on their website. This is the legitimacy and use of the Email ID.
  • Returns and Exchanges: Some countries offer free exchanges and returns. Customers from the United States of America and Canada will be issued a pre-paid label upon approval of their return request. If you are located outside the United States, please contact us at

Frequently asked questions about the onlie store

Which payment method does the company use?

Payment option avaialable – PhotonPay-CreditCard, Visa and master card

What is the delivery time frame?

COVID-19 may cause delays in delivery. ORDER HANDLE TIME All orders will be shipped within 1 to 3 business days, excluding holidays. SHIPPING TIME All orders are shipped within 1 to 3 business day, excluding holidays.

What is the age of your website?

This domain was registered 14 November 2022.

What is the discount they offer in their store?

Take up to 40% off your purchase of their website

How can I get in touch with them?

Their contact information is not listed on their website. Their company address is not listed. Their site does not include an email address.

Find out how to get a refund if you have been scammed.

Our Opinion on Vankohl

The trust rating for the site was 1 out of 100, according to our manual inspection. It is less frequently visited. It has a trust score 1 out of 100. Customers are welcome to give feedback. Some people have criticized the prices of popular portals. We checked to determine if the prices were too high or too low. We recommend you do extensive research on this site before making any purchases.


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