Hollywood is buzzing with the news that “The Other Zoey”, a romantic comedy, will be released in October. The movie has a star studded cast, including Josephine Langford and Archie Renaux.

The plot: A twist on amnesia-driven romance

Josephine Langford plays Zoey, a gifted academic high school student. Zach (Drew Starkey), the school’s heartthrob and sexiest boy, has amnesia, leading him to mistakenly believe that Zoey is his girlfriend. Archie Renaux, who plays Zach’s cousin Miles in the film, adds a new layer of complexity to this story. Renaux’s character, as Zoey’s secondary love-interest, promises to add intrigue to the story.

Release date and production details

Fans won’t be left waiting too long. The Other Zoey is scheduled to hit theaters on 20 October 2023. Gulfstream Pictures is the company behind this project, which has produced quality films for many years.

A Stellar Cast

The Other Zoey has a stellar cast that includes seasoned actors who will elevate the film. Andie McDowell, Maggie Thurmon and Mallori Johnson are among the notable names. Heather Graham and Patrick Fabian also make an appearance. This diverse ensemble is sure to captivate audiences with its on-screen magic.

Netflix Stars on the Big Screen

Drew Starkey, who plays Rafe Cameron on the Netflix series “Outer Banks”, is no stranger in the limelight. His performance has gained him a large fan base since its premiere in 2020. Archie Renaux’s role as Mal, in another Netflix hit, “Shadow and Bone”, further cements the movie’s relationship with the streaming giant.

Josephine Langford Beyond the “After” Series

Although “The Other Zoey”, a departure from Langford’s “After” franchise, is her first foray outside of the series, it is not her debut. Langford’s acting career continues to expand with movies such as “Moxie” and Gigi and Kate. Langford, in an interview with WWD published in November 2021 attributed the success to the original novels of the “After”. She expressed her gratitude for the love of the readers who have adapted the books to film. She also revealed that she prefers films to TV shows. This may be due to a fear of commitment.

The Other Zoey is a rom-com that will delight romcom fans with its original plot and impressive cast. The October 20th release date is fast approaching and audiences around the world are preparing to dive into this story of love, identity and amnesia. This is a movie that you should not miss in 2023.


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