For more information on the Battlestate game updates, please refer to the Tarkov Wiki Streets Article.

Have you been a Battlestate player? Then you may have heard about the December 28th,2022 update. Do you want to know more about the game? Are you looking for the secrets to escape Tarkov Street in the game? For more information, please read the entire article.

Battlestate has a large fanbase across the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. For more information, please read the article.

What’s the most recent update to the Battlestate game?

Battlestate Game is an online game development studio that specializes in multiplayer online games. Battlestate is the company’s flagship title. On the 28 th this month, the developers released Patch To find the information, players are looking for it on the internet.

This update contains information on how to escape an attack in Tarkov’s streets. A new part of the city has been added. We will discuss some additional features in the streets of Tarkov Wiki.

What does the new part do in Tarkov?

Developers want to offer players a way to wipe out the city of Tarkov. They added an additional part to the city to enhance the game’s abilities. This allows players to have more escape options. At the intersection of Klimov Street and Primorsky Avenue, the new section was added. According to the team, this is just the beginning of Tarkov Street’s update. They will continue to add new parts in the future.

What does the new part look in Escape From Tarkov Wiki

Let’s take a look at the new features of the city. This location includes a Pinewood Hotel, an abandoned factory and a Car dealership. It also contains Concordia residential complex, Concordia business center, Terracot business centre, Terracot supermarket, and other items that an urban infrastructure can include.

There are more large infrastructures than there are empty spaces on the map. It is important that players take the time to get to know it. Players can now attack the windows of buildings from their street position thanks to the newly added map.

The Tarkov Wiki Streets update adds a few new enhancements for players. A repair kit allows players to upgrade their weapons. You can add two types of armor and plate carriers. These two types of Armor can be:

  • Light Armor can reduce mobility and protect against damage from melee weapons.
  • Heavy Armor can reduce mobility penalty if direct damage is done to the Armor. It can also be used for repairs.
  • All AK guns and AR-15 Refiles will be covered by an additional GP-25 Koystor 40mm and M203 40mm. This update to Tarkov Wiki streetss will cover all family refiles.

Glock 19X was added to the patch. A 9×21 SR-2M “Veresk” 9×21 submachine guns with SR-2MP upgrade kits and a revolver RSH-12 11X55. Many more features have been added. For more information, we will send you the official link.


We are pleased to share the updated patch notes for Escape from Tarkov.


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