A mother-of-3 from Northern Ireland was left with a sudden death.

Suzanne McMurray Beattie (43), passed away. Her family and friends have experienced a tsunami of grief at her passing.

Her three children, aged 14-10 years and 7 years, lost their father last year.

Suzanne’s friend set up a Go Fund Me to support the siblings during their time in grief.

Kathryn Wilson told Belfast that Suzanne was “the most thoughtful, kind and caring person she knew”.

She stated, “We have known one another for more than thirty years.”

“But, in her last year, she became our family and we had so many laughter, trips out, and memories made together with our children. We reconnected with old friends and made new friends.

Suzanne Turner, Linda Turner, and I were three looney bins. We had many plans for the next year. All that we did will remain in our memories. This includes the matching tattoos we designed and many other things. “She will always be remembered.”

The community fundraising link has raised nearly PS12,000. It says: “Unfortunately Suzanne passed away suddenly yesterday. This page was created to help Suzanne’s children and future.

Suzanne was close to Suzanne, a friend who knew how important these children were after all they had been through in the past few years.

“There are no words that can describe what happened and it is almost impossible to feel the pain. Suzanne was a shining star for many and was loved by more people than anyone. Without Suzanne, the world wouldn’t be the same.

“These three children were left orphaned last year by their father. We are devastated.”


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