This article describes the incident involving Room Viral Fitting, and gives information about the whole incident.

You may have heard about the viral story of a fitting room being leaked online. People recently learned about a store that had CCTV cameras installed in its fitting room. The Malaysia people were moved to take immediate action.

This news was a lightning rod, and it has become the most talked about topic. This article will give you all the details about Room Viral fitting TWITTER. Keep watching.

What’s the latest on viral fitting?

People were shocked to see the viral video on Reddit and Twitter about the spreading of tapes from the fitting room, where a young girl was seen changing into and trying on clothes. These are unacceptable and must be dealt with.

Reddit Leaks Cctv Footage

CCTV footage was released on several platforms and the public became aware of it through these channels. Because of sensitive content, we cannot provide a link to the video. However, we respect the privacy of the girl in her fitting room.

Reddit does not have the video at the moment. We believe it was removed from the internet because of a violation to rules.

How can users locate the video on TIKTOK.

Although the users found the video on TikTok they won’t be able find the link because the videos have been removed from all online platforms. It is important to note that footage that does not respect the self-respect of the subject must be removed as soon possible.

It is very disappointing to see such videos and incidents happening right now.

What’s the reaction of people to Instagram?

People were furious at the video’s circulation and demanded that the store be closed down. This is not the normal behavior for a store that is so well-known worldwide.

These videos cannot be posted to Instagram because the platform doesn’t allow them.

A viral video link on YOUTUBE

Some channels posted the information online but did not post the video, so we found that the only news on these websites is the one with the video. YouTube doesn’t allow users to post explicit material. The video shows the information and not the footage.

YouTube is a channel that can be used for all of these incidents. People must report abusive content.

Do you have a link on Telegram?

Telegram has no link that we have found. Even if the footage was posted, it has not been made available to the public. We don’t have any information on the videos and private photos that were leaked online.


People Worldwide have given the footage maximum attention and are calling for strict action against this company. You can find information about the leaked footage online.


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