The most well-known word game is Gordle. Gordle is a hockey-specific version of wordle. Gordle game is a five-by-six grid of squares. Gordle game can also be called NHL wordle. This game requires the user to solve the NHL mystery.

This game is slightly different to wordle. Instead of using random words like wordle, gordle uses names of hockey players in a unique format. Hockey fans quickly guess these guesses.

What is Gordle?

Gordle is a daily challenge game that can only be played once per day. Gordle can be described as a game where you guess the names of NHL players. Gordle NFL can be played quickly and easily. Gordle NFL is not about guessing words. It’s about guessing the last names of hockey players.

Like wordle, gordle also has five letters for your last name. Gordle games allow players to solve the mystery of the last name by sharing it on social media.Gordle

Online hockey is a great option for players who love NHL hockey.

Sean Mcindoe was the original to propose the game.

The National hockey league is the full form of NHL.

How do you play the gordle NHL games?

The player can only attempt 8 different solutions to the challenge. Gordle NHL wordle can be a great game that will increase your knowledge of the NHL players. These steps will show you how to play the gordle.

  1. As many tries as you can to get the last name of an NHL player
  2. Depending on the guess, the color will change immediately after each guess.
  3. If there are green squares in any grid, it means that the name of an NHL player is correct.
  4. Yellow color squares indicate that it is a correct word in any grid but are not in the correct position.
  5. Grey color squares in any grid indicate that the incorrect NHL player name is being used.

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Rules and regulations for playing the gordle-game

Gordle is a hockey-themed version of the viral word game wordle. These are the rules of playing the game.

  1. You have 6 chances to correctly guess the name of the NHL player.
  2. I took care of the color of each square in the grid.
  3. Every day, a new mystery must be solved by a player.


Many people love the once-a-day guessing game on social media.

The popularity of the Gordle game in hockey circles has been huge. It is fun and enjoyable. Gordle is a game where the hockey player’s last name must be five letters long. This means that the player can not just type random words to find the answer. This game is most famous because it is based on the NHL theme.


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