This article will describe Erick Adam’s experiences using social media and the challenges he has faced.

Erick Adame is the latest information.¬†Erick Adame Pictures also serves as Guy-TV’s meteorologist for a year.

Erick Adame?

Eric Adam has more than 15 years experience as a meteorologist at Spectrum News NY1. He is currently employed in the role of meteorologist.

Erick Adame is worth approximately what? The range is between $105,000 and $115,000.

Was it a problem? Erick

Adame was sharing the videos with an unidentified user who is also Adame’s mother and colleagues. Adame then addressed the topic in an Instagram video.

Erick Adamse, an Emmy-nominated TV meteorologist at Spectrum News NY1, is back on social media after he was fired last January.

He admits that people search the internet for images. He insists that he did not intend for any images or films to be ever captured, retained, saved, or published in any manner. Erick does not want to be seen in more publicity than he is currently receiving.

Age Erick Adame Early Life

Erick was a New York City native. Erick received his New Academy of Television and Radio Certificate of Studies in 2006.

Erick was awarded his diploma in 2005.

Personal Details

Erick Adame Full Real Name

Nickname Erick

Popular for being a meteorologist

Age 36

Date Of Birth October 27, 1986

Net worth 850k USD

American Nationality

Theology: Christian

Height: 5′ 8″

Erick posted his marital status to social media on February 14, 2019, and Tommy shared a picture of Erick with him.


Research has shown that Erick Adame (Emmy-nominated TV meteorologist) is back on social media after missing four months because of his firing.


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