Dana WhiteTMZ Video discusses the video’s contents, why it is so viral, and why people keep talking about him.

Are you up to date on the latest news regarding Dana White’s? Who is he? What is he doing in the news? People all over the United States and Canada are discussing Dana White’s video.

What did he have to say during the latest interview with TMZ Sports? We will be looking at Dana white Tmz Video to get more information.

What’s the most recent news?

The latest news features include a video in which Dana White and his wife are seen acting out. They were celebrating the New Year in Mexico at a nightclub. They were in the VIP section where Dana wanted Anne to tell him something when Anne was upset. According to sources, he pulled her wrist. Dana slapped him on the face. Dana reacted to her, making the situation worse. The argument continued for a brief time.

What’s Viral on Tiktok Video?

Dana’s viral video shows the beginning of this whole thing and the fight incident. When TMZSports attempted to reach Dana about the incident, Dana shared the details and the exact events.

Dana says they have known one another since Dana was 12 years old. Nothing has ever happened like this for such a long time.

He and his partner admitted to being drunk, as did others in the VIP area. The video went viral on Telegram and people started talking about it.

Dana has more to say on TMZ Sports.

He mentioned that he used to always say that there was no excuse for a man who sex with a woman. He is now in this situation. Although he claimed he wasn’t making excuses, it never happened. He said that whatever people may have to say about the Twitter video was their point of view, but he also mentioned that he “deserved it.”

He also stated that whatever happened, they had both apologized in front of their families. He asked for some privacy for them, particularly for their children.

Who’s Dana White?

Dana is the president at the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It is a mixed-martial arts organization. UFC didn’t comment on the incident.

According to sources, however, Dana White was fired after a letter was sent out by a California State Senator and a California State Representative. Their argument was captured and made popular on Reddit.


According to sources, Dana White’s wife and his husband were seen fighting on New Year’s Eve. He is now asking for privacy after the video went viral on many social media platforms.


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