You might need to access your Comcast Xfinity router for many reasons. You might want to reset your wireless password, or port forwarding for a project that you are currently working on.

To log in to your Xfinity Wireless Gateway, you will need the Comcast Xfinity router address. This is your modem login if you have an Xfinity router/modem combo. The process may be slightly different if you are using a business router.

The Prerequisites

There are a few things you need to do before you can log into your Comcast Xfinity router. Before you do anything, make sure that you have completed the following steps.

Make sure you have internet access

To log in to your Comcast Xfinity router, you will need to have an active internet connection.

Check the light indicators on the device to see if it is working. At least six lights should be on: Power, US/DS Online, Power, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

You may have a problem with your connection if one of the lights doesn’t turn on or flashes.

Before you can move on, you will need to troubleshoot the device. You can proceed to the next stage if they are all illuminated permanently.

Connect a device with the network

To log in to your Comcast Xfinity router, you will need to connect to the network.

Login to Xfinity (Comcast), Router

Logging in to your Comcast Xfinity router requires you to visit the Xfinity web interface. This is the control panel for your Xfinity network router. Here you can view all device settings and make any necessary modifications.

Follow the below instructions to log in to your Comcast Xfinity router.

Step 1. Step 1. Connect your device to the Xfinity router

Once you have connected to your Xfinity router, you will not be able access the Xfinity web interface. You must connect your computer/phone to the internet using an alternate Wi Fi/LAN connection, or a Mobile Hotspot.

Note: The Ethernet cable is not required to access Wi-Fi networks.

Step 2. Step 2.

Step 2: Open any web browser, and then type the Xfinity IP Address in the URL bar. is the standard IP Address.

If this IP address is not working, you can visit Whatsmyrouterip to search for the IP address that corresponds to your Xfinity router model.

Step 3: Enter your Login Credentials

Login with your username and password to your Xfinity router

If you forget your login credentials, reset your Xfinity router. These steps will reset the default settings of your Xfinity router.

1. For approximately 30 seconds, locate the Reset buttons on your Xfinity router.

2. Holding down the reset button, switch off your router.

3. For almost 30 seconds, continue pressing the reset button.

4. Hold the reset button and switch on your router.

5. For another 30 seconds, hold the reset button.

This will reset the router to factory settings. You can also set a new password. Log in now to the interface.

Step 4 – Configure your Xfinity Router

Logging into the Xfinity router website interface will allow you to modify and access any settings. While making any changes to router settings, make sure you are connected to the internet.


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