BIGB Token, an Indian digital currency, is used to make transactions on any BIGH BULL Technosoft LLP or Copy trading platforms. It is also the base currency of the crypto exchanger COTOEX, which was launched by BIGH BULL technosoft for crypto trading. It can be used as a transactional currency and for online shopping, retail shops, and logistics. BIGB Token, a digital payment system, doesn’t depend on banks to verify transactions. It’s a peer to-peer platform that allows anyone to send and receive payments. Crypto token is a unique token of virtual currency or denominated in cryptocurrencies.

Bigh Bull Technosoft LLP was established by Mr. Ravindra Potdar, who has over 22 years of experience in the IT industry. He has been actively involved in Blockchain technology since 2016, being responsible for numerous cryptocurrency projects such as Crypto Coin Exchangers. Crypto Wallets. Smart Contract. He talks in depth about this product during a chat with Indian Economy & Market.

Bigh Bull is a tool and solution for cryptocurrency. What is it?

Bigh Bull, a blockchain-based token, is distributed over a large number of computers making it almost impossible to counterfeit or double-spend. It is basically a system that allows secure online payments. These virtual tokens are used to denominate the currency. It works entirely on decentralized networks that use blockchain technology. This is a system that records the knowledge extremely well. It makes it difficult or impossible for the system to be altered or cheated. Bigh Bull is currently trying to balance the System and India’s government. This structure exists outside of the control of governments.

Due to the progress towards a cashless world, cryptocurrencies continue to gain popularity. Bigh Bull insists that cryptocurrencies will be used only to protect assets, and not replace general currencies. It will be a while before it is mainstreamed, due to strong opposition from regulators around the world. Blockchain is our vision of the future. It is gaining an advantage over other technologies due to its industrialization and participation. Many people are adapting to the well-known technology of cryptocurrency. It is much easier to transfer funds between two parties directly without the need for a trusted third party such as a bank or institution.

What’s Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency, a decentralised digital currency, is based upon blockchain technology. You may be familiar with Ethereum and Bitcoin. According to reports, there are more than 5000 different cryptocurrencies in circulation.

The cryptocurrency’s exchange method is digital, encrypted, and decentralised. However, there is no central authority that can manage or control cryptocurrency’s value. Here lies the main problem of authentication. A monopoly on the currency is possible, and a shortage of it can also be created.

Features for Big Bull cryptocurrency

This is the first cryptocurrency to make its way onto the global market via India. The Leela in Mumbai launched the crypto last week. The crypto will be listed at 11 of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms. It will be developed using the BSC platform. Purchases can be made at very low, or even no transaction fees. The launch price of this coin is INR 1. Another information is the speculated price increase. Every 100,000 coins sold on the exchange will see an incremental price rise.

During the press conference, Big Bull crypto developers stated that they will try to reach as many users possible. Big Bull is not going to make cryptos costly investments. It aims to make cryptos affordable for all.


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