Antonio Brown has had his Snapchat account suspended for posting an explicit photo of Chelsie Kyriss (his mother), giving him oral sex.

TMZ reported that Snapchat had frozen the account of the former NFL wide receiver due to its ban on “sexually explicit content, bullying or harassment of any type.”

Kyriss was previously engaged to Brown and took to Instagram Stories Tuesday to address the issue.

“Very well-aware of what’s being uploaded to snap. Kyriss wrote. He refuses to keep this part of our relationship private. I have repeatedly asked. I reported his page, and all photos unfortunately Snapchat allows his to repost. I’m sorry for your children who follow him. I used to consider him a role model. As you know, I don’t condone such actions.

Brown, 34, was involved in a Snapchat scandal in November when he allegedly shared an edited nude photo of Gisele Bundchen , his ex-wife and former Buccaneers player . This was the latest in a series of social-media accusations against Brady, who has advocated for Brown in the previous.

Brown was last in the NFL on January 20, 2022,, when he exited a Buccaneers match against the Jets during the contest, stripping off his gear, and walking out MetLife Stadium shirtless.

This incident comes on the heels of a Snapchat event in November, where Brown posted an naked Photoshopped photo about Tom Brady’s exwife, Gisele Bundchen.

After Brown had shared several social media posts trolling him former Buccaneers teammate, the supermodel, who had announced their separation in October after 13 year of marriage.

Brown is a free agent from January last year, when he was released by the Buccaneers following his unceremonious and shirtless exit at a Jets game at MetLife stadium.

Brown was arrested on December 1st for misdemeanor battery household violence. This warrant was issued just over a month after Brown made the All-Pro Wideout mistake. Three weeks later, the Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office announced that it would not charge Brown with misdemeanor battery domestic violence after a thorough review of all evidence.

Brown was criticized for exposing himself to guests in a Dubai pool while swimming back in October. According to the New York Post the incident occurred on May 14th, while Brown was staying at Armani Hotel Dubai. Brown was seen shoving his stomach into the face and pointing his penis in her direction.

“Eyewitnesses claimed Brown had just met the woman, and she was fuming after that encounter,” the post noted.

Brown has not suited up to play in an NFL game since December 2021 when he was released from the Bucs following leaving the field during Week 18 against the Jets.

Reddit: Antonio Video Leaked

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