Angus Cloud died from an accidental overdose, a devastating blow to the entertainment industry. Cloud was a promising actor who is best known for playing Euphoria in HBO’s hit show. In July, the 25-year old Oakland native died. This shocked fans and other artists who saw his immense potential. His death has opened up a discussion on the complexities of fame, addiction and the highs-and-lows of Hollywood’s young stars.

Who was Angus Cloud and what did he do?

Angus Cloud, who was born and raised in Oakland, California became an overnight star when he played Fezco, a kindhearted drug dealer, in the movie “Euphoria.” Fezco has a complicated relationship with Rue (played by Zendaya). Cloud is relatively new on the acting scene. However, his nuanced and authentic performance has quickly won over viewers.

How did he get discovered?

Angus Cloud’s journey to stardom, to put it mildly, was unorthodox. A casting agent discovered him while he was walking through the streets of Brooklyn. Cloud was initially skeptical, wondering if it was all a scam. He then auditioned for the role which would make him famous. In an interview with iD he recalled his shock at his own success and contrasted his journey with others who “were trying” to get famous.

What caused his untimely death?

The Alameda County Coroner’s Office reported that Cloud died of an accidental overdose. A toxicology report showed he had used an unknown mixture of fentanyl cocaine methamphetamine benzodiazepine. Cloud’s family has expressed their sadness and asked for privacy to grieve. This untimely death has reignited discussions about the pressures, pitfalls and issues that young actors in Hollywood face.

What were his future projects?

Cloud’s acting career was advancing before his untimely demise. Cloud had just finished filming a drama set in Oakland called “Freaky tales” with Pedro Pascal. He was also scheduled to appear in a thriller by Universal Pictures, which has yet to be named. The projects were a sign of a promising filmography that was cut short. Fans and critics can only speculate about what might have been.

What is the industry doing?

Celebrities and fellow stars have expressed their shock and sorrow over Angus Cloud’s sudden death. His genuine personality and his unique approach to acting were often praised, making him a refreshing presence within an industry that is often criticized for being superficial. The death of the actor has led to discussions on the safety nets or lack thereof for young stars who are navigating the complexities and pressures of fame.

What is his family saying?

Cloud’s family released an emotional statement. The family said, “With great sadness, we bid farewell today to an incredible person – a brother, son, and artist who was so special to us all in many ways. Angus is forever a part of our hearts.” The family hopes that the world will remember him for his laughter, humor and love for all.

What is His legacy?

Angus Cloud was only in the spotlight for an unfortunate short while, yet left an immeasurable legacy which will not soon be forgotten. His role in “Euphoria”, with major cultural ramifications, played an enormous part in making him so appealing. Although his career ended soon thereafter, his talent and authenticity will forever remain remembered along with any discussions his life and death inspired about fame at an early age and need for support within entertainment industries.

In a culture obsessed with fame and celebrity, Angus Cloud’s story is both an inspirational tale and a warning. He demonstrated that unconventional routes can lead to fame, but he also exposed the vulnerability of young artists in a harsh industry. This is a wake up call, which hopefully will lead tangible changes that make Hollywood a more safe place for young talent.


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