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TriAusMin reports Australia Results of 1.92 g/t Gold, 121 g/t Silver over 14.5m

May 10th, 2012

Resource Clips - essential news on junior gold mining and junior silver miningTriAusMin Ltd TSX:TOR announced assays from its Woodlawn Project in New South Wales. Highlights include

1.92 g/t gold, 121 g/t silver, 3.66% copper, 3.71% lead and 11.72% zinc over 14.5 metres
2.89 g/t gold, 54 g/t silver, 1.86% copper, 1.82% lead and 6.08% zinc over 7.3 metres
2.07 g/t gold, 167 g/t silver, 2.92% copper, 4.64% lead and 8.61% zinc over 9 metres
1.24 g/t gold, 71 g/t silver, 2.7% copper, 3.02% lead and 6.34% zinc over 8.9 metres
0.6 g/t gold, 57 g/t silver, 1.18% copper, 3.88% lead and 10.67% zinc over 8 metres

Managing Director/CEO Wayne Taylor commented, “The results are the best to date and demonstrate both width and grade continuity between holes down-plunge as we track these zones further away from the areas of prior mining. The two I Lens intercepts of 14.5 metres grading 3.66% copper, 3.71% lead, 11.72% zinc, 121 g/t silver and 1.92 g/t gold and 9 metres grading 2.92% copper, 4.64% lead, 8.61% zinc, 167 g/t silver and 2.07 g/t gold are outstanding. In addition, the daughter wedges have intersected a new high-grade mineralised lens that was previously unrecognized and further expands the resource potential. This is a significant result in support of defining new resources at the Woodlawn Underground Project.”

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Wayne Taylor
Managing Director/CEO

by Greg Klein

TriAusMin reports Australia Assays of 14.87 g/t Silver, 4.84% Copper over 12.1m

April 2nd, 2012

Resource Clips - essential news on junior gold mining and junior silver miningTriAusMin Limited TSX:TOR announced results from its Woodlawn project in New South Wales, Australia. Assays include

0.72 g/t gold, 14.13 g/t silver, 6.09% zinc, 1.22% lead and 1.64% copper over 9.9 metres
22.13 g/t silver, 5.04% zinc, 1.94% lead over 15 metres
12.84 g/t silver and 3.31% copper over 4 metres
14.87 g/t silver and 4.84% copper over 12.1 metres

Managing Director/CEO Wayne Taylor stated, “The results from the first drill hole in the program are excellent. They confirm the existence of significant mineralisation down plunge from where previous operations stopped and it gives rise to the potential to define further resource extensions. The high-grade copper intersections below the base of B lens are particularly impressive and well supported by other drill results further along strike and both up and down dip of this intersection.”

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Wayne Taylor
Managing Director/CEO
+61 02 9299 7800

by Ted Niles